Do You Have a Winning Combination on DealDash?

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What’s your winning combination on DealDash? There are many different bidding and shopping combinations to choose from, and you can mix and match as you like.

Do you have a favorite DealDash winning combination that you often use when you are bidding? You can bid and buy any way that you like on DealDash. You can mix up your winning DealDash combinations to keep the other bidders on their toes. Think about your favorite winning combinations as you read on for more information.

BIN Every Time

Some people who use DealDash go into every auction with the intention of either winning the auction or Buying It Now. This bidder doesn’t bid on lots and lots of things every day, they concentrate on the things that they really want and need in their life. You won’t find this bidder upset that they have no bids left to use – because every time that this bidder uses DealDash they Buy It Now (BIN) and get all of their bids back when they pay for their item if they don’t win.


The bidder that has a lot of patience watches each auction that they are interested in carefully before they dip their toe into bidding. They might toss in a few bids to secure their place in the auction before the $5 No Jumper rule takes place, but they don’t start bidding seriously until there are very few bidders left in the auction. By using patience and BINning every time, you might have the perfect winning strategy on your hands!

BidBuddy Bidding Strategy

Using the BidBuddy can mesh well with any winning combination that you have on DealDash. Make sure that you are incorporating the BidBuddy into your winning combinations, and things will go more smoothly for you.

If you haven’t been using the BidBuddy, then you will be so impressed when you work him into your DealDash bidding. The BidBuddy is available to everyone, on every auction. The bidders who don’t use the BidBuddy in the DealDash auctions that they participate in are missing out on a great component of a winning combination.

To use the BidBuddy, first identify an auction that you would like to participate in. Next, decide how many bids that you would like to use in this auction. If you are using BIN as part of this winning combination, then you will need to think about how much you spent on each bid, and then put in the appropriate number to reach the Buy It Now price. Finally, wait and see if you have a winning combination!

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I hope that this article on winning combinations on DealDash was helpful for you. DealDash has many new items this season. If you haven’t visited DealDash lately, then you should see what’s new and up for auction today. Go check out the best auction site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

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