Doing the Right Thing on DealDash

Sometimes it’s tricky to know when you’re doing the right thing on DealDash. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you think you’re making a mistake.

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When you are new on DealDash, it’s easy to second-guess yourself and think that maybe you aren’t doing the right thing. You can’t always avoid mistakes, but if you pay attention to the tips in this blog you will find yourself making less of the common mistakes, and doing the right thing more often. Read on for some great tips and tricks from the DealDash Blog.

Should I Buy the Bids or Not?

Something that many people wonder when they first join DealDash is when is the right time to buy bids. Of course, the answer is “right now” if you need them to participate in an auction that’s currently running. However, if you’re wondering when the right time is to stock up on DealDash bids, then my advice is to wait for a holiday weekend and stock up by buying the largest bid pack that will fit in your budget.

Waiting for a holiday sounds like it might take a long time, but there are holidays in every month. For instance, we have Valentine’s Day this month, St. Patrick’s Day in March, and Easter in April. I can’t guarantee that there will be an amazing sale on bids on these holiday weekends. However, if you look into past sales on DealDash, the best deals on bid packs are always on holidays.

Should I Use the BidBuddy or Not?

New bidders on DealDash are typically a little befuddled with the BidBuddy. If they haven’t read the blogs to understand how he works or taken the tutorial to get a chance to use him, then they might opt out. That definitely wouldn’t be doing the right thing, because the BidBuddy is your #1 tool to help you win DealDash auctions.

The BidBuddy is on every single auction that’s held on DealDash, and he is free for everyone to use. Not knowing how to use the BidBuddy is common at first, but you can follow these easy directions and you’ll be bidding in no time.

  1. Choose an auction
  2. Find the box in the auction that says “Book a BidBuddy”
  3. Type in the number of bids as you are willing to spend on an auction
  4. Hit Enter

So you see, it’s very easy to do the right thing and use the BidBuddy on every auction that you enter. You should, because almost everyone else is, so you will be at a disadvantage if you are placing single-bids.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

DealDash blog
DealDash blog

I hope that this article on doing the right thing when using DealDash was helpful for you. DealDash has everything that you need for your home and family, from home decor products to lawn mowers and shovels. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

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