Don’t Forget To Thank Your Mom!

It’s not easy being a parent. The early years are spent changing diapers and sleeping 4 hours a night. That might seem like the most difficult stretch, but those of us with teenagers would disagree! Being a mom or dad is hard work, so be sure to show your gratitude by thanking your Mom this year on Mother’s Day. Perhaps you can thank her with special Mother’s Day deals won on DealDash! Sunday, May 9th is the day this year when kids of all ages focus on showing gratitude to their mom for years of support and love.

A young boy smiles for the camera with a fake tattoo on his arm that says 'Mom'.
Some people use tattoos to honor their mothers.

Americans will spend billions of dollars on Mother’s Day gifts this year, and the most popular gifts year after year are flowers, greeting cards, and special outings. DealDash also is getting in on the fun by having a special Mother’s Day Weekend Sale where you can find Mother’s Day deals that your special lady will undoubtedly love!

Mother’s Day deals for 2021

Time marches forward, but when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, the classic options are still the most popular. Each year people give their moms chocolates, greeting cards, and of course flowers. It makes sense, who wouldn’t want to eat a delicious box of candy while gazing at a bouquet of roses? Does this sound like the perfect Mother’s Day deal for your mom? If so, DealDash has you covered. During our Mother’s Day Weekend sale, we will be auctioning off dozens of eGift cards to

A gift card for 1-800-Flowers-com is very useful for getting the perfect gift this MOther's Day.
These eGift cards are your ticket to the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year.

Don’t let the name fool you, these eGift cards can be used for much more than just tulips or geraniums! They are five Gift Cards in one! These gift cards can be redeemed at,, Cheryl’s, Fannie May, and The Popcorn Factory. In other words, it is the dream gift card for any type of Mother’s Day gift, from beautiful blooming plants to gourmet chocolates. Don’t miss out! get prepared for Mother’s Day by bidding on these eGift cards on DealDash!

Auctions fit for a queen!

We understand that there are quite a few moms who read the DealDash blog, so we don’t want to spend the entire time talking about where to find Mother’s Day deals and gifts. We also have a few treats in store this Mother’s Day weekend that make the auctions special. First off, mothers, future mothers, and all DealDash bidders will enjoy a 3X and up to 4X Time As Highest Bidder multiplier this weekend. This means that you have the opportunity to earn free bids three or four times faster than normal! This makes these Mother’s Day auctions a bit better than normal auctions.

A mother and daughter embrace while enjoying a bouquet of tulips on Mother's Day.
The best gift for Mother’s Day is spending time together.

The No Jumper Limit is also lowered to just $3 during the Mother’s Day Weekend sale. The lower No Jumper Limit means that there will be less competition for these Mother’s Day Deals. No matter what gift you decide to get Mom this year, remember that the best gift of all is spending time together and creating new Mother’s Day memories. To all the Mothers out there, THANK YOU and happy bidding!

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2021” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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