Exploring Great Finds for Kids of All Ages on DealDash

My grandkids know I love DealDash. They get as excited as I do when the “Congratulations…you won!” pop-up appears on the screen with its colorful display of fireworks. I hadn’t given much thought as to what I could win on DealDash for my grandkids until one day my grandson asked, “Nonna, can you win me a puppy on DealDash?”

Just to clarify, DealDash does not offer puppies or kittens or any furry live animals in any of its auctions. However, it has enough things for kids of all ages to make them smile for days and days!


For Wee Ones 

There are some really adorable plush animals on DealDash, not to mention the softest cuddle blankets you can find anywhere. I recently won two cuddle blankets to give to a friend as a baby shower gift and she loved them—and the new baby will too!


For Toddlers and Sleepyheads

 Along with the adorable cuddle blankies, DealDash offers a cute and creative section of night lights sure to save any kid from an imaginary monster under the bed!


For Creators and Adventurers

 For kids who are a little older, how about some games or Lego building sets? DealDash has what it takes to turn indoor play into a “look what I did!” day!


For Puddle Jumpers and Dancers in the Rain

 The great colorful umbrellas DealDash is offering right now sets the tone for fun rainy day play! These umbrellas are compact, smart, automatic and make a fun fashion statement for kids (and adults) of any age!


For Techie Kids

 What could be more enticing to a tween or teen than electronics? DealDash offers some great finds with metal detectors, tablets, computers, game stations and even drones! We’re talking hours of engagement and one happy kid!


Ride On!

 If you’re kid just can’t sit still, what about a bicycle, electric scooter, electric bike or go-kart? YES! DealDash has them all!


Finding the Great Find on DealDash

 If you’re looking to make your kid or grandkids squeal with delight, be sure to check any of the great items outlined in this blog by searching for individual items using the search bar on the DealDash site or click on Browse categories and then choose Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games or Electronics & Computers to browse the amazing selection.


Good luck and happy bidding!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.