Gear Up for Holiday Savings on DealDash

The holiday season is kicking off in full gear with not only more and more items, but also more and more savings on DealDash. During this time of year, bidders will see more action on the site because we’re all in the same line of thinking—let’s get those holiday gifts! DealDash knows this is a busy time of year and during the next three months will offer more deals and more savings. Here’s what to watch for:

Lower Prices on Bid Packs

During the holiday rush, you will feel like it’s Black Friday every day with the savings you’re likely to find during the holiday seasons. Stock up on bid pack savings by purchasing them when prices are lowest.

More Items

Check back often for new and seasonal items that are sure to be added during the holiday rush. Particular items to look for include: holiday items, toys and the addition of new items. Be sure to go to the Browse categories drop-down menu under the banner on the main page of DealDash and select New items to check out new items in upcoming auctions.

Earn Free Bids More Quickly

During the next few months, you will likely see more chances to earn free bids more quickly with promotions to earn bids 2x, 3x or more faster than normal. That means every time you place a bid and are the highest bidder, you can earn up to two or three times more time on your “time as highest bidder” clock, which ultimately earns you more free bids when you reach your next level.

Auctions Wins at Half Off or Free

These types of auctions are always a tremendous bargain! When you win an auction during these promotions, you could end up paying just half the auction end price (score!) or less! During Free Auction Wins promotions, you just pay a penny to process your win! Who doesn’t love that kind of a bargain?



Keep your eyes open over the next few months for super merchandise, deals and promotions to celebrate the holidays on DealDash!

This sponsored DealDash post was written by Theresa B., a real DealDash bidder, proud American, grandmother to two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.