Getting to Know Your Friend BidBuddy

BidBuddy is your new best friend and your ultimate tool to help you win auctions at DealDash. Let’s get to know him better.

Most people know the basic function of the BidBuddy – you put in the maximum amount of bids that you are willing to spend on a particular auction and the BidBuddy will tirelessly bid until the bids have all been used or you cancel the BidBuddy. However, the BidBuddy can also help you learn more about the auction and it’s bidders that you are currently competing against.

If you are new to DealDash you might mistakenly think that the bidders you are competing against are watching the auction just as closely as you are, however in my experience about 95% of auctions are not won with 1-click bids but by using the BidBuddy.

The key to figuring out who is using a BidBuddy and who is single bidding is easy. Simply look for the pattern. If Bidders A, B, and C are consistently bidding in that order 9 seconds apart then Bidders A, B, and C are using the BidBuddy. If bidders D and E are bidding at random intervals other than 9 seconds apart and not following the A, B, C, D, and E pattern then they are using single bids.

Knowing who is using the BidBuddy and who is placing single bids can be a great thing to know – you know that A, B, and C will bid tirelessly and effortlessly until their bids have been exhausted, where Bidders D and E are more likely to give up, lose focus, or just accidentally click the “Bid” button too slowly and lose the auction.

Remember, you can load up the BidBuddy with as many bids as you like, and stop or start him at any time. I personally exclusively bid using the BidBuddy – I remember losing a few auctions way back when I started with DealDash by bidding just a second too slow and losing the auction, and I vowed never to do that again.

Bidding at DealDash is never a waste, though, because you can always buy the item at retail price and get all of your bids back with the BIN (But It Now) feature.

I hope that this article has helped you get to know your best buddy the BidBuddy a little bit better. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!