Going for it vs. Staying Safe when Bidding

There is a popular belief that when bidding at DealDash you should start easy and slow by only bidding on items under $200 and on things that you really need or want. While this is good rule of thumb, it’s not a rule.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on “going for it” in spite of being a “Newbie”.

The first thing to do is buy bids when they are on sale. There are blogs on Google Plus and posts on the DealDash Facebook Page which will outline all the sales.  You will also receive an email about the sales once you become a registered user.  You can usually get bids as low as .12 cents at least once a week.  Every once in a while, you can even get bids for .11 cents each.  So, when bids are at the weeks low, buy.  You will get a few hundred extra bids for the same price when you do.

Next, always shop first! Find the items you wish to win and bookmark them.  Deal Dash has a Bookmark Feature that is placed in the upper right hand corner of each auction right on the main page. Doing this keeps you from bidding on items you don’t really want or can’t win.  If there are more than one, bookmark them all…it gives you options:)

Do your homework! Go into each auction you wish to win and figure the average selling price.  This is very important, but not an exact science.  Here you can learn if an auction ever sold for pennies, or if it usually goes for much more.   Most auctions contain this information, simply get the sum of the sold items and divide by the number of items.  You are left with the average.  Tip: If it sold for pennies a few times, don’t pay more than a few pennies, it doesn’t work to get into a bidding war with someone who will eat all your bids, and there is always another one right around the corner.

See what’s “trending” on the “Winner’s List” Use the Winner’s List Tab to your advantage. If all items are currently selling for more than pennies, it is likely you will not pay pennies.  If there are a few to half a dozen selling for pennies in the past hour, it’s a great time to bid.


Now, use the “Who’s on Their Limit” tab.  It costs one bid, but it’s worth it beyond words! The longer the list; the less players in the field.  A long list means a lot of players have reached their limit and can’t participate in the auctions.  This helps a lot when the same guy keeps beating you.  Bid when he’s on the list! Also, look at the number of Avatars for players, count them and if there are more than 50, don’t get involved, tomorrow there will be the same auction and only 20 people will be in it!

One last tip: No matter what you bid on at DealDash, all your bids have the same value, the prize values are what vary.  If you use 100 bids to win a $150 item, good for you.  If you use 100 bids to win a $1500 item, great for you!

Go for the big ticket item, you deserve it.  It’s great fun to win it and why not?  No reason at all….

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!