Happy Independence Day from DealDash!

Happy Independence Day from DealDash
Wishing you the best 4th of July 2019!

Independence Day on DealDash: get ready folks because DealDash is painting the country Red, White, and Blue this Fourth of July and the following weekend! 

Every BidBuddy Counts

First of all, to kick off the festivities we want YOU to save more time and bids than ever. Also for a limited time only, our BRAND NEW promotion “Every BidBuddy Counts” will give you the full 9 seconds on your Time As Highest Bidder bar whenever your BidBuddy places a bid for you. This full 9 seconds is applied even if someone places a bid right after you, but only when the bid was placed with BidBuddy.

To top it off you’ll also receive a 3X multiplier for even more free bids! You can read more about the different promotions from our summary page.

Furthermore, do you need to stock up on bids for our exclusive auctions? You’re in luck because bids will be on sale for the super-low price of 11 cents per bid. Get your hands on some bids today here:


Independence Day exclusive auctions

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for exclusive auctions today: special bid packs are blasted out throughout the day with facts about the US to celebrate 4th of July. We auctioned our very first car on DealDash 365 days ago and you’ll be sure we’re doing it again today! 

Here are some of our favourite Fourth of July auctions: 

  1. Pull out the BBQ and get grilling! Americans across the country will be heating it up with sizzling steaks like these ones from Omaha. Do you need a new BBQ? We’ve got you covered with a new Weber 22” Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker auction
  2. Get outside and celebrate the long weekend camping! Ditch the old tent from your grandmother’s garage and bid on our new Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 12 Person Cabin Tent auction today
  3. Nothing says Independence Day like the beach! Stand out in the water with the Sun Pleasure Inflatable 6-Person Unicorn Floating Island – your friends will all be jealous! 

We want to see how YOU celebrated Fourth of July weekend. Please share your stories with us by using the hashtag #Go4DealDash and send us your favourite photos to our support to be featured on our Facebook page

Happy Fourth of July to everyone on DealDash!