How The Research Bidding Strategy Can Help You Win

Researching the items you plan on bidding on before bidding on them can be very useful and help you improve your chances of winning. After all, research is one of the many different strategies which can be used to win auctions.

I know the days get away from you when you “intended” to do something. You wanted to research that KitchenAid Mixer you’ve been wanting but life got in the way and instead you may have just jumped into bidding hoping to get the win. One of the most useful strategies is to take the time to research the item.

There are many different ways research can be done at DealDash.

1. You can research the item by searching out the product you’re looking for using DealDash’s search functionality.

Research KitchenAid Mixer

Once you search out the item you’re wanting you can dive deeper into your research of the product by making sure it’s the exact model you’re looking for by reading the description and see what price it recently sold for.

research previous price

2. Another way to research the item you’re looking for is to see what the average selling price for the item is. This is a great research strategy to use and will help you know when it’s a good time to enter an auction. Take this KitchenAid Mixer for example. When logged out of our DealDash account, we can quickly see what the average selling price on DealDash is.

research average selling price

This helps you out in many ways because you can see the average ending price which can help you determine when to start bidding and conserve your bids.

Did you notice how one of those mixers sold for only $3.27? The auctions can be very unpredictable which is one of the reasons shopping on DealDash is so exciting and fun. The bidder silverado5 got a heck of a deal!

3. Research the number of bids you are willing to use in the auction. Factor in what the bids cost you and the final sales price of the auction. Make sure you stick to this budget and don’t overspend to the point where it makes more sense to buy it now and get your bids back. Here’s some simple math to help you determine how many bids to use in the auction.

Item value divided by price per bid = max number of bids to use not including final sales price. 

research bid cost

4. Finally, research articles from this blog site and others like DealDashTips and DealDashReviewed for more bidding tips and strategies to help you become a better bidder, win more auctions and ultimately have an enjoyable shopping experience.