How to Be a Great Bidder

Everyone can be a great bidder on DealDash! It just takes a little practice and time to learn how to bid smart.

Are you a new bidder that dreams about being a power bidder someday? Did you get hooked on DealDash and now find yourself wanting to be the best bidder that you can be? Do you now find yourself wondering how you can improve your bidding as time goes on? Well, let’s examine how we are bidding and maybe we can improve your bidding so you can go on to get that next big win at DealDash.

Bid smart – A smart bidder is a great bidder, so bid smart by bidding on things that you would buy at the store anyway such as kitchen or everyday household items so even if you don’t win these auctions while you are practicing your bidding you can BIN (Buy It Now) them for retail value, get free shipping, and you are not out any extra money. Once you have attained your bidding goals and feel confident then you can move on to bigger, better, and more difficult to win auctions.

The price of bids – Are you paying the lowest price possible for your bids? The best time to buy bids is to wait for a big sale on bids and buy the largest bid pack that you are able to afford.

When you are up against some stiff competition on DealDash the only thing that really matters is who gets the last bid in. And how do you get the last bid in? By having more bidding power than the other bidders! The person who pays the least for bids and buys them in the biggest bid pack is going to be able to bid for longer, outlasting the competition on auctions. So buying bids in a large volume is one way that you can be a great bidder.

Setting goals – Setting reasonable goals is a wonderful way to become a great bidder. If you keep bidding on the same easier auctions again and again how will you ever improve your technique? By setting progressively difficult bidding goals is a good way to practice your bidding and come out on top! Think about what your dream win would be and make a plan to get yourself there.

I hope that you found this article helpful in your quest to become a great bidder on DealDash. Good bidders turn into great ones with practice. Go ahead and get some practice in now. Check out DealDash today and see how much you can save! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!