Improve your chances on DealDash!

Since I started shopping on DealDash I won a total of 686 auctions. I am sure other customers have won more auctions than I have, but I won enough to show I learned a few things about how to improve my chances of winning.


Perhaps the most important thing I learned is that it pays off to first stop, watch and learn who other customers are and how they play. For example, one football team would never think of playing another football team without first watching videos of how they play. By first watching how the other team plays, they improve their chances of winning the game. The same is true when you are competing with other customers in the same auction. By watching how they bid, you can better determine your own chances of winning whenever you are competing in the same auction.

To learn who the strongest competitors are, you can look at the winners list and you can see who won the high-dollar items in the last seven days.

Submitted by Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara became a DealDash customer Feb. 8, 2012. Since then, Barbara saw DealDash implement many changes, but she still believes DealDash is the best shopping site online.