Late Summer Sale at DealDash

One of the greatest facts about DealDash is they are always offering some kind of sale.  The site never gets stale!  They constantly offer great deals and more merchandise.  The sales keep the field interesting, and the merchandise keeps the site fresh.

This weekend bids will be on sale between .12 and .13 cents that’s about as low as they go and on top of that you will get Free Wins plus they are offering a Free Bid Multiplier.

The first thing you need to do is buy the bids on sale, that get’s you in the game, and then it’s time to bid!  If you purchase your bids on sale you get a few extra bids for your investment.  With the Free Bid Meter, every time you bid you accumulate “Time As High Bidder” this time is a gift in the form of bids from DealDash, each bid places about 9 seconds in your meter and when you get to the next level, your meter will light up and you simply click that that the free bids are deposited right into your account.  There are completely free.  With a Bid Multiplier you earn bids even faster because they multiply the number of bids.



Free Wins all weekend means just that!  You will play the auction like any other auction, one bid at a time, and the price of the items increases by a penny.  When the last bid is placed, that’s the winner.  The only difference is the final price doesn’t matter becauseDealDash picks up the tab, all you need to do is check-out and there is a one penny fee to create a paper trail. The items is also shipped free like every other item.

Let’s Recap the sale:

Friday Aug. 05- Bids are .13 cents, Free Wins and Free Shipping

Saturday Aug. 06- Bids are .13 cents, Free Wins, 2X Free Bids for TAHB, Free Shipping

Sunday Aug. 07- Bids are .12 cents,Free Wins, 3X Free Bids for TAHB, Free Shipping

Have a wonderful weekend bidding at DealDash with this fantastic Late Summer Sale

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!