Leave Your Fears Behind when Bidding

For the Newbie at Deal Dash, bidding can be a daunting and yet exciting experience.  If you are afraid to bid, your day has come.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  We are all “in it to win it” as many use for their profile comment, and who knows who will win? No one!

If we had a crystal ball we’d know exactly when the auction will end, but they don’t exist, and knowing when an auction will end doesn’t exist either.  It takes some time bidding, but you will eventually get a “sense” for when the auction will end, but but even that can be disrupted by human intervention! For example a player who enters an auction late in the game.

Knowing the competition does help, but you can only learn that by bidding, so take a deep breath and place your bids in the Bid Buddy and get bidding.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  I remember the “fear”, I guess it was more like “the fear of losing”, but honestly, you lose way more than you win, if you don’t you are overbidding to do it.  Because part of the fear is of losing,  you have to let that fear go and understand you will lose some.  Once you do “learn to lose”, there is great relief and the fear evaporates.



Overbidding is just a waste of bids and time.  There will be times when jumping out of an auction makes more sense than staying in.  You will develop a skill for that, you’ll lose a few, but you walked away with your dignity….and your bids.

The best time to buy bids is when they are on sale, so watch the blogs and the Deal Dash Facebook page, you’ll find out when the sales are coming and if there is a Bid Multiplier. Bid Multipliers increase the amount of free bids Deal Dash gives us every day.  This exponential time as highest bidder is a great way to go for a larger item that you’ve been wanting.  That bike or drone is in your reach and you should not fear it! Bid knowing you will get the reward, and use the reward to enhance the winning possibility.

One of the greatest things about Deal Dash is the pace of bidding, because they offer the Bid Buddy, a system of automatic bidding, we don’t have to bid fast and furious stomping and stomping like some do at other sites.    Deal Dash is a shopping experience with great deals for all players, you don’t have to be mean to win, they encourage a laid back approach.

The best thing to do to overcome fear of bidding is having bids, so 1. get your bids on sale, 2. use your Bid Buddy and 3. compound your reward bids during a multiplier to go for that large item.  You’ve got this!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!