Navigate the Dashboard Like a Pro & Win on DealDash!


Your personal Dashboard on DealDash contains a lot of helpful information you can use to your advantage. You just need to know what the Dashboard has to offer and how to navigate it to your benefit.


Access your Dashboard simply and quickly by clicking the My Dashboard icon in the top left hand corner of the main page. This will take you to your Dashboard home page which contains a vertical menu of tabs that can give you some very useful information as a bidder.


Dashboard home – contains a list of auctions you currently have a Bid Buddy set up on. This lets you quickly know where your bids are with a quick glance. It also gives you a list of Open Buy it Now offers. Remember: any time you place bids and don’t win an item, buying the item at the Buy it Now price enables you to recoup any bids you spent on that item!


Public profile – This is the place to Edit your bidder bio with up to 250 characters. Other bidders will see this information when you are the high bidder so say something fun, creative and friendly! DealDash discourages intimidation, misleading content and the posting of links and emails within the Bidder Bio. You can also Upload your profile picture or choose from a host of fun avatars.


Buy Bids – This is self-explanatory but is another way to get to the buy bids section of the site.


Buy it now history – If you take advantage of the Buy it now option, this tab will keep a list of any items you have bought through this method, the price, free credits that were returned to you as a result of the Buy it now feature, savings and the reference and shipping information associated with your Buy it now items.


Transaction history – This tab holds a lot of useful information and is where you will find out when you receive daily return bids, bid credits, exchange to bids credits and more. You will find the date, number of bids, price (if any), and a note explaining the bid credits to your account.


Bidding history – This tab is a great quick visual for the products, number of bids placed, date and time your first bid was placed on each item and the status of that item (Ongoing, Sold or You won!). Looking here lets you know at a glance if there’s an item you backed out of that is still running that you may want to get back in on!


Won auctions – Of course this is the best tab because you can see what an awesome winner you are! The first thing you will find in this section is a Reminder to pay for your auction within 14 days! Sometimes I like to let my wins sit for a few days to decide if I want to exchange them to bids or not. If you’re looking for your wins, this is the tab to click on. The Won auctions tab gives you a link to the product auction, end price and status (Exchange to bids or shipped).


My orders – This tab lets you know the status of your DealDash wins and orders and provides the auction link to see the item, final price and status (Exchange to bids or shipped). If an item was shipped, you will be provided a link to the processing or shipping information in this tab.


Account details ­– This is one of my favorite and most useful tabs on the Dashboard. Here you can Manage your saved credit cards. It’s always helpful to have your active credit cards saved here so you can purchase bids in a snap. Here you can find your username, email address on file, the date you signed up on the DealDash site and number of bids currently on your account. You can also see how many auctions you have won since you started on DealDash!!!


Bookmarked auctions – Hands down, this is the best tab! This tab lets you see all your current bookmarked auctions in one place. That means if you want to focus solely on the auctions you are currently engaged in and upcoming ones you have bookmarked, you can click here to do just that. No more getting distracted by other auctions running simultaneously that you aren’t bidding on. The Bookmarked auctions tab is the place to be to focus on your auctions!


Contact support ­– As always, DealDash customer support has been top-ranked and raved about by its customers over and over again. Clicking this tab or clicking on the large yellow Contact Support button at the bottom of any page will connect you with two ways to get in touch with the customer support team at DealDash quickly and easily. You can Submit a form for assistance (you will be contacted via email usually within 24 hours) or you can click on the green Live Support Online button which will connect you via live chat to a customer support member. Customer support is always happy to help no matter what your question is!


Here’s hoping you will soon be navigating the DealDash Dashboard seamlessly and use it to your advantage to get the win!


Happy Bidding and Great Wins!