Observations, My Handy Tips at Deal Dash

After a couple of years shopping and bidding at Deal Dash, I have learned a few things through simple observation.  Here are a few of my handy tips which have helped me win many auctions.  These are good tips to play and win by!

  1. Use the “Who’s at their limit” tab. It costs one bid, but it is a great way to see who is out of the competition.  Over time, you will not want to play at all without this information.
  2. When two of the same items are on the market at the same time, one will go for much less than the other and it’s usually the second one to come up that sells first.
  3. Binning is so much better than over bidding.  I have watched people grossly overbid “just to win” they are senseless and foolish to play this way.  It took me a while to learn how to walk away, but it’s a great strategy.
  4. The same players, play the same way over and over.  So if you’ve noticed that one guy is always in the beginning of an auction, he is!  That’s his strategy.  In time, you will know just when he will back out.
  5. Then there are the jumpers, refer to #1.  You really need to see if a jumper is out of the field if you are “going to go for it”.  Some jumpers jump late and leave early and others never leave, let them have it, they’ll reach their limit and be gone!
  6. It’s not worth getting into a battle with a poor sport.  They won’t lose, and they’ll spend all your bids.
  7. Planning a win is better than a bunch of random bids for items you don’t need. Stay true to the items you actually want, especially if you are new to the site, get a feel for how the game is played before you “go for it!”
  8. The best way to win is to use your Bid Buddy, use your Bid Buddy , use your Bid Buddy!  You will earn free bids for the time you are high bidder and you will only place bids when it’s “your turn”. Random bidding costs money.
  9. New items go for less the first few auctions, then much higher for a while.  Then they level out again.  Keep your eye on your favorite item, when the stats start to decline, it’s time to get involved.
  10. Buy bids when they are on sale!!!! Deal Dash often has these outrageous sales and you can get bids for as low as .12 cents at time.  When the price hit .12, it’s time to invest in that one special item.

These are a few of my tips for winning, I’ve tried the alternative and have found these few observations to be pretty consistent and I play and win by them.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!