Read the Instructions

Did you ever watch someone struggle to put something together without reading the instructions? If you take the time to first read the instructions, you will usually save yourself a lot of time and headaches. The same thing is true before you start playing on

Before I found DealDash, I played on several other online penny-auction shopping sites. From my own experience, I can confidently say that DealDash has more information and instructions available on how to play smart than any other shopping site out there.

A good place to start reading and learning is located on the DealDash home page, so it is very easy to find. If you scroll down to the bottom of the DealDash home page, you will see four headers: Site Links, Help, About and Latest Blogs.

To quickly get the information you will need to get off to a winning start, you will definitely want to read everything under the “Help” header. That is where you will learn how it works, how to bid in an auction, tips and tricks, what a bid pack is, what “time as highest bidder” is and all about orders and shipping, payments and house rules.


Experienced bidders will also check out the “Latest Blogs” header, where you can continually learn all about the latest changes and new bidding strategies. The more you learn about how to play smart, the more likely you will have a happy and rewarding bidding experience.

Just read the instructions!

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers