Remington iLight Keeps the Hair at Bay

Have you ever had laser hair removal? If so, you know that it’s expensive, time-consuming, and even painful! Well, all of those things won’t trouble you if you invest in a Remington iLight Pro.

I am a registered Esthetician in the state of Massachusetts, and when I was in school the teachers encouraged us to try out all of the health and beauty treatments that we were able to get. I was able to get a Groupon for Laser Hair removal, and it’s really far from a quick or even permanent fix. I had to go for 6 sessions, and while the hair is mostly gone the laser technician told me that I should come back every 3-6 months for a “touch up.”

iLight Pro
iLight Pro

That’s where the Remington iLight Pro comes in! I figured that if I was going to have to come in for a laser treatment 2-4 times per year at around $50 per treatment I might as well just get the Remington iLight Pro instead. It will pay for itself in the first year, yet I can use it for many years to come.

The iLight Pro is an IPL laser, which means Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is the technology that dermatologists use in professional hair removal, and now you can now get professional-quality results in your own home for less money for the treatment, and you don’t even have to tip! Unlike non-permanent treatments like waxing or dipilation  IPL doesn’t cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing.

Here is a quick bullet point list from the Remington website about how the iLight Pro works:

• Light energy is generated by a Xenon flash lamp and applied to the skin by a handheld device.

• The light targets the melanin or pigment in hair follicles, gently heating them and disrupting the growth cycle without damaging the overlying skin.

• To protect the skin, unwanted rays are safely filtered out, so that only light within the desired therapeutic range is allowed to pass through.

• Within a few weeks of your initial treatment the hair will begin to fall out and results should improve over time!

You might be surprised to know that Remington Products actually got it’s start as a firearms maker named E. Remington and Sons, which was founded all the way back in 1816! E. Remington and Sons made a few other things besides firearms, including farm equipment, typewriters, and sewing machines. In 1937 Remington started making health and beauty products, starting with electric shavers and then branching out into all of the Remington products that we are familiar with today, including curling irons, light-up makeup mirrors, and of course the iLight Pro!

Old Remington ad

If you would like to try laser hair removal  but you are a little wary of signing up for multiple expensive sessions at your local med spa, DealDash has the answer – The Remington iLight Pro. DealDash offers the Remington iLight Pro occasionally, if you are interested in one you should go to the auction page and click the blue “Alert Me” button, and DealDash will send you an email when a Remington iLight Pro is coming up for bid. Good luck everyone, and happy bidding!