Seriously, Everything Must Go!

Have you ever seen a sign spinner? They’re normally spotted on the side of the road tossing a sign in the air or using it to play air guitar as they frantically try and get your attention. Sign spinners are a popular way for businesses to advertise special sales events like an inventory liquidation sale. In fact, sign spinning is such serious business, that there is a National Sign Spinning Championship!

Sign spinners are a popular way to advertise special events like inventory liquidation sales.
A sign spinner walks Tie Square in New York City.

The only problem with sign spinning is that sometimes the performance is so good, folks forget to read the sign! And while it’s true that we do not have a sign spinner yet, we do have a promotional even that you don’t want to miss; DealDash Inventory Liquidation Week! From April 6th to April 11th, you can take advantage of daily auction blasts as we clear out some of the final remaining pieces of our existing inventory and make room for exciting new items!

An inventory liquidation sale you can’t miss!

DealDash’s Inventory Liquidation Sale is all about making room for the great new brands and products that are coming soon. This means that we need to get our current stock of amazing deals out the door and into your hands! We are liquidating our current inventory and it is happening right now – this week! In order to make room for the hundreds of new items coming into stock, we need to clear out a lot of space! To complete this massive task, we are scheduling three auction blasts each day during the DealDash Inventory Liquidation Sale. This is your last call for some of the items we only have a couple left in the warehouse.

What is an Auction Blast?

In addition to the items we auction this week, we have 5 different Inventory Liquidation special bid packs up for auction too!

An auction blast is a group of a few dozen auctions that are set to start at the same time. We have scheduled them to launch at noon, 3PM and 5PM Pacific Time. Some of these blasts are organized by item category. For example, on Wednesday, April 7th, we had auction blasts relating to the day’s theme of Fashion, Health & Beauty. Thursday, April 8th is Home, Garden & Tools, and the themes for the auction blasts on Friday, April 9th, are Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games, Kitchen & Dining, and Electronics & Computers.

Employees rush around a busy commercial warehouse.
The DealDash warehouse is an extremely busy place during our inventory liquidation sale.

Set your clock to make sure you do not miss the auction blasts, and enjoy a rush of auctions featuring the stuff you need to get ready for summer!

A twist to put great items in your hands

A red icon indicating than an auction is a no-exchange auction.
No-exchange promotions cannot be exchanged to bids after winning, but instead the item will be shipped to you for free!

A major part of an inventory liquidation sale is to make room for new items. To make sure that we do this, we are introducing a twist that affects some of the auctions this week; No Exchange Auctions. Go ahead and open up DealDash on your phone or in another tab on your computer, and take a look at the auctions. Yes, I mean right now, I can wait. See a red icon that looks like this?

That red icon indicates that the auction it is attached to is a “no-exchange auction”. The winner of the auction has to pay the final sales price and receive what they won. They do not have the option to exchange the win into bids, as they normally would.

No-exchange auctions are sometimes easier to win because it limits the competition to bidders who want to receive the item! Gone are folks who are looking to win an auction only to swap it back to bids. This way, you have a better shot at getting a great product into your hands, and we make room in our bustling warehouse for the next wave of must-have DealDash items. We hope you love DealDash’s Inventory Liquidation week, and have a fun time bidding!

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2021” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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