Should BidBuddy Be Required?

DealDash BidBuddyWe have all been in DealDash auctions with bidders who constantly cut us off and stomp on our time as the highest bidders. It is frustrating to say the least. I have read the Blog posts both condemning and supporting these practices. I am not a supporter. I wonder, what if Bid Buddy was required and not optional?

If Bid Buddy was required, then one could plug-in as many bids as they choose and increase them as needed. It would sure stop the stomping and perhaps even lower the final costs of the auction selling price. Bidders would also collect their time as highest bidder and level up easier, collecting their free bids. I can’t help but think it would help newbies, in particular, from wasting bids before they know how to “play” the game of DealDash in order to have the best experience. If we stop them from wasting their bids, then we also stop them from wasting our bids.

Another secondary suggestion might be requiring use of the Bid Buddy until one reaches a certain level. That way bidders would need to gain the right to bid and understand how the process and Bid Buddy works before being able to manually bid. Oh some seasoned bidders will still stomp at will but at least it would cut down on some of the stomping. Just food for thought!

What do you think? Should Bid Buddy be required?

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By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.