Smart Tips for Winning Bid Packs on DealDash

For the longest time, I was so intimidated to bid on Bid Packs that I would just avoid them at all costs. Over time, I gave it a try and after a few wins, realized that like any other auction on DealDash, winning a Bid Pack is as easy as winning most any other auction. All it takes patience, persistence and some great strategies.

Find Bid Packs

The place to specifically view all the upcoming Bid Packs DealDash is offering is under the banner on the main page. Click on Browse Categories and choose Bid Packs from the dropdown menu. DealDash offers Bid Packs in denominations of 100 to 8,000 bids with some “once per user” denominations.

Start Small

Starting off with a small bid pack is no different than starting off with the smaller auctions on DealDash. Winning your first small Bid Pack gives you the practice and confidence to go on to winner bigger Bid Packs.

Study the Competition

 Studying the competition allows you to identify experienced bidders, bidding patterns and average ending prices for Bid Packs. Some experienced bidders will be sure to win one Bid Pack in each denomination per week so take notes and be ready for your turn to bid!

Get In It to Win It

Once you’re in a Bid Pack auction, use the Winners tab to see if the bidders you are bidding against have recently won other auctions for Bid Packs within the past 24 hours. Bidders who have success in one category tend to stick with that category, so weigh your options.

Do the Math

 Figure the cost it would be if you were to buy the bids from the website.  Keep that figure in your mind as you bid. It’s a good idea to stick to a budget and pre-determining the number of bids you are willing to put into a Bid Pack auction. I generally stick to my budget without exception unless, of course, I am head-to-head with just one other bidder. Then I may invest a few more to see if I can secure the win.

Bid Packs Are Never a Loss with Buy It Now

 The beautiful thing about bidding on Bid Packs is that they are a smart investment to bid on especially if you plan on buying a Bid Pack anyway.  Winning one for pennies on the dollar certainly is more fun and cost-efficient, but you don’t always come out with a win. With Buy It Now, you recoup the bids you put into that auction AND get the bids!


Winning Bid Packs on DealDash is no longer the elusive goal. If I can win them, anyone can! Winning a Bid Pack is always one of my favorite wins because of the bargain value. I hope these strategies will help you to win your next Bid Pack on DealDash!  Good luck and happy bidding.


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.