Sometimes Going With Your Gut Can Get You the Win on DealDash

Even though I’ve been bidding and successfully winning on DealDash for two years, sometimes I get an unexpected lesson that helps me up my bidding game. Today was such a day. Today I learned that sometimes you need to go with your gut and not your brain.

This morning I was bidding on an auction that I really, really want. It was one of those items that usually runs higher on the ending price, but I have seen others get for a real steal from time to time. Today my gut intuition told me that today was the day I was going to win it and as a result, I got in on the bidding.


Somewhere at about the fifty cents mark, I was one of three bidders left in the auction and was feeling pretty good about my chances of winning. The first bidder was a name that was familiar on the boards but based on past trends and wins within the last 24 hours (keeping an eye on the Winners tab), I felt confident this bidder would back out before me.

When I checked on the second bidder using the Winners tab, I discovered this bidder had won one item within the past 24 hours but had paid a rather high price for the item, which in my mind indicated to me that this bidder would go higher in the bidding than I wanted to go.

I weighed my options to stay in the auction or to back out. My gut had originally told me to hang in there—that this was the day for me to win this item. And based on past trends, the first bidder wasn’t my competition here. It was the new and unfamiliar bidder who was messing with my mind. Reluctantly, I backed out of the auction, paving the way for the second bidder to win…or so I thought!

Ten bids after I dropped out of the auction, the second bidder (the one I thought would end up winning) backed out of the auction too and the first bidder (the one I knew I could win against) won the auction for 70 cents! It was a heartbreaking lesson in patience, persistence and going with your gut.

Lesson learned. Sometimes listening to your gut intuition gives you more bidding confidence than all the statistics and trends you can follow. Next time I’m in an auction and have a good feeling, no matter what the statistics say, I’m going with my gut…and I encourage you to do the same!

Happy bidding and get a great win today!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.