DealDash – A Legitimate 100% Guarantee

DealDash – A Legitimate 100% Guarantee

Despite the fact Internet shopping has exploded since the Internet went mainstream, a lot of people aren’t comfortable using it to shop for great bargains. You never meet the people you’re buying from, you never see the products, you never pay with cash…there’s a lot of things that makes Internet shopping different. Needless to say, it can take some getting used to. It’s really not hard to see why some people aren’t 100% confident that the great deals they see on the Internet are all they’re cracked up to be. DealDash is out to change all of that, because the DealDash guarantees are 100% legitimate.

It might sound too good to be true, but that’s why DealDash makes sure that new customers are 100% percent covered for their first purchase. Customers can buy their first bid pack, explore the site, bid on some great items, and if they decide it isn’t for them they can get that money back. All they need to do is send a message to one of DealDash’s great customer support specialists, and their money will be refunded to them. Quick, simple, and easy!

But it doesn’t end there. Some people try DealDash, and they really, REALLY like it…but they make a few mistakes and aren’t really happy with what they’ve done with their bids. They might bid on something they don’t really want, they might bid on too many different items and run out, or any number of things can happen. DealDash wants everyone to have a chance to win something, so if new users don’t win an auction with their first bid pack, all they need to do is get in touch. DealDash has absolutely no problem giving new players a 2nd chance with their first try. “Taking a mulligan” is a penalty-free guarantee!

And DealDash goes the extra mile to ensure that the guarantees continue for people who want to bid in our auctions. For example, unlike a lot of other auction sites, the items on DealDash are 100% new. That means they come in the original, unopened boxes. Not only that, all shipping is guaranteed to be free. That’s right: FREE SHIPPING! That means when you win a LG 50-Inch TruSlim 600Hz Plasma HDTV, you get a LG 50-Inch TruSlim 600Hz Plasma HDTV, and you get it with no hassles or headaches!

New users are always worried about whether or not they’ve found real deals. These guarantees mean that customers can sign up for a free account and try the auctions out without worrying about what will happen. The guarantees, bargains, and great customer support at DealDash are 100% legitimate, and you have literally nothing to lose by trying DealDash out today!

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DealDash – Creating Honest Auctions on the Internet

DealDash – Creating Honest Auctions on the Internet

The Internet can be a tough place for people looking to save some money. When you open your e-mail, you find messages from strangers in different countries asking for money. When you go to read the news, you get a pop up messages telling you to buy some new miracle drug.

But experienced bargain hunters have learned that DealDash is a diamond in the ruff when it comes to Internet auctions. DealDash has been holding legitimate, reliable auctions longer than any other site of its kind, and hundreds of thousands of people have gotten great bargains with the site. A quick Internet search can turn up some real stories from the real winners who have used and enjoyed the site! Just check out these stories:

“Best site ever…All my items I have won come so fast in the mail and everything is great quality. I really enjoy bidding on DealDash and I have had a lot of success. I have christmas taken care of for all grand kids this year.”

“The DealDash Service Team, specifically Dave, bring their “A” game to work. I had 3 great experiences which were coupled with rapid response, adversity assistance, and it all came with a great attitude and willingness to find a solution. They have gone above and beyond with my account and I am thankful for that. Their sense of urgency is refreshing and it shows they truly care about their client/consumer.”

“Excellent auction site… I have played on many of them and very few are the “real deal” in that they are honest, fair, and fun. And DealDash is definitely at the top of the list!”

 A lot of auction sites try to hook people with flashy promises, but let people down when it comes to delivering customer care, the quality of their products, and helping everyone get a great deal. After all, there can only be one winner for each auction, but one of the things that makes DealDash so reliable is the commitment to make all of the bidders happy. Besides having round the clock customer service available, DealDash offers all of the bidders the chance to get their lost bids back by simply purchasing the item at a regular retail price. By giving everyone a chance to get a great bargain, and by making sure the users have access to our experienced, professional customer care staff, DealDash offers bidders a legitimately safe and reliable way to get fantastic deals on great new products.

DealDash is the longest running auction site of its kind, and has delivered fast and reliable service to hundreds of thousands of Americans. DealDash’s alternative to the standard penny auction format lets everyone get great value for their money by offering generous bonus bid reward programs, free shipping on all items, and fantastic customer service. Find out more about DealDash by checking out their review on The Huffington Post, the comments and photos on the DealDash Facebook page, and of course the website.

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Congratulations to Dianne Aikmen for sharing the Best Photo of the Week!

You just won a $500 Gift Card of your choice to or Walmart!!


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DealDash Tips and Secrets

Your BidBuddy’s DealDash Tip Guide – A Pro’s Secrets

I’m DealDash’s automated bidding tool, and I help bidders win auctions by placing their bids for them. DealDash veterans know me better as the BidBuddy, and I’m sure they’ve used me to win some great bargains in DealDash’s auctions. DealDash is the Internet’s premier alternative to penny auction sites, and every day more and more people are learning that it’s the best, most legitimate way to get great deals on the Internet. I wanted to write this to introduce myself to new users, and remind everyone how they can use me to win one of the thousands of auctions DealDash offers everyday!

DealDash is a fair and honest alternative to penny auction sites, and is a bit different from regular auctions in that DealDash auctions don’t end at a specific time. Instead, there’s a bid clock that counts down to zero, and every time a new bid is placed the clock resets and the item price goes up by just $0.01. Whoever places the last bid wins the auction! By capping the bid increases at one penny, DealDash is able to sell off fantastic items at an unbelievable discount! And you never have to worry about the items being used or getting cheap knock-offs like you do with other auctions!

Since DealDash offers users a safe, reliable way to get these incredible deals, the auctions can get pretty competitive, and that’s where I come in. In fact, if you ask around, most people use me to help them win those really popular items, like this $75.00 Chevron gas gift card which sold for $0.14 – yep, won using me, your BidBuddy! So I want to explain to everyone exactly how I help the big winners land their great savings!

BidBuddy’s DealDash Tip #1: – Remember to bid early!

Most of the auctions on DealDash are called “No Jumper™ auctions. This means that after the item price hits a certain amount ($5 dollars) people can’t join in the auction. This means that if you want to participate, and if you want me to help, you have to place a bid before this happens. Remember, you can’t get a great deal if you can’t bid! Read more about No Jumper™ auctions here.

BidBuddy’s DealDash Tip#2: – You Can Stop Whenever You’d Like because I Never Quit!

DealDash auctions don’t end at a specific time, and so a lot of new users think they have to spend the whole time in front of their computer. This makes winning that Digital SLR Pro Camera seem impossible! Unlike most users, I don’t need to eat, sleep, or take a break. I’m there to bid, and letting me do my job frees up your time to grab a bite to eat or get a little exercise without having to miss out on the great bargains!

BidBuddy’s DealDash Tip#3: – Last Minute Bidding is My Job!

You win DealDash auctions by being the last person to place a bid. A lot of people like to save their bids for the last possible second. But if they wait too long, that clock hits zero, and then they’re too late to win that GPS Roadmap. But that’s where I come in. I’m programmed to bid just before an auction closes, so you’re guaranteed to get that last minute bid in before the auction closes. The pros know to leave the last minute bidding to me, and anyone will tell you, they win more auctions by letting me do the tough work for them!

There’s lots more great tips on how to win the auctions in the “Tactics and Tips” section of website, and I think both new and old users should have a look at it. This blog is also an excellent source for tips and advice on how to get great bargains in DealDash’s auctions. If you’re new to the site and need some help getting me set up to win for you, just send a quick message to DealDash’s awesome Customer Support Team, or just check out this quick video tutorial!

Hope to see everyone soon at DealDash, the Internet’s #1 source of legitimate bargains!

Love DealDash!!!! Won this $199. Magellan RoadMate GPS for only $1.25…but I paid only $.62 due to a 50% off special! I think it’s time for a road trip! Thanks, DealDash!!!!
I won this NIKON D3100 with FREE shipping during DealDash’s AUCTION WINS FREE SPECIAL, and only paid a $1.00 transaction fee. DealDash is “BETTER” than any competitor out there!!!! Now I can capture our holiday memories with some great photos. THANK YOU DEALDASH!!!!!

DealDash – A Legit Source for Holiday Bargains

DealDash – A Legit Source for Holiday Bargains

A lof of us love the holidays. It’s a great time of the year, but it can be a little difficult to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. It can be even more difficult to find those great items without breaking the bank. Two years ago I spent 6 months paying off my holiday debt! As much fun as the holidays are, they can be brutal on the chequebook.  But smart shoppers on DealDash know it’s the real deal in delivering holiday savings!

Holiday shopping can be stressful because you want to get that perfect gift, but the perfect gift is always the one that’s just a little too expensive. Or a little too difficult to find. It’s never just right. And Christmas is the time of year when everyone deserves to spoil themselves, and save the compromises for the rest of the year.

That’s something that makes DealDash perfect for holiday shopping. When you can get an item at 80% off its retail price, there’s really no need to compromise. And you don’t have to look very far to find out that DealDash offers a 100% legit way to get those great holiday bargains! Just listen to some of these examples:

  • Gateway 15.6-Inch Notebook Laptop for 15.79!

  • Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP SLR Camera with Lens for 45.84!

  • Sony BRAVIA Super 5.1 Home Theater System for 23 cents!

There’s something for everyone, and you can even get great deals on gift cards to use as stocking stuffers! You can read more of these great stories on DealDash’s Facebook page, where people post pictures of their winnings everyday! Just check out these winners, who have all won 500 dollar gift cards in DealDash’s “Photo of the Week” contest!

DealDash Facebook Best Photo of the Week
$500 gift cards were awarded to these four ladies for having the best photo of the week!!


This makes DealDash a godsend for people looking for great bargains this holiday season. They take care of everything so you can take care of your Christmas shopping without even leaving your home. With fast and free shipping, prompt and courteous customer service, and a wide selection of brand new, high quality items, Deal Dash makes buying gifts for your loved ones fast, fun, and best of all, affordable!

No more malls, no more Black Friday lines, and no more holiday debt! DealDash is the Internet’s legit source for holiday bargains, so you can stop worrying about the holidays and start enjoying them!

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