Warm Up in Chilly Weather with DealDash

DealDashFall is here, the temperatures are dropping. Let’s shop for cold weather items on DealDash.

DealDash is prepared no matter what sort of seasonal item that you need. From Halloween and Christmas decorations all the way to winter snowblowers and shovels, DealDash has it. Here are some suggestions for winning chilly weather items on DealDash.

DealDash has Cold Weather Clothing

Have you seen all of the clothing that’s available on the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category on DealDash? There are beautiful winter jackets, trendy and warm sweaters, and many other items. Clothing is something that you need to buy anyway, so why not try to win it on DealDash?

Clothing is the ultimate item to BIN (Buy It Now) on DealDash. It’s something that you need and use every day.  If you don’t happen to win, then you can always BIN (Buy It Now) for the retail price, get all of your bids back to use again, get free shipping, AND get to keep all of the clock time that you earned as being the highest bidder. If you need chilly weather clothing, DealDash is the place to shop!

Be Informed When Clothing is Up for Bid

Now that we have talked about chilly weather clothing, you might be wondering how to know that it’s up for bid. It’s simple, just do a search for them on DealDash. You can use keywords such as “jacket”, “coat”, “sweater”, or “winter.” Once you have figured out which chilly weather item that you would like to bid on you can set an alert.

Setting an alert is very easy. Just search for your item using keywords. Next, click on the item to open up its own auction page. Then look on the right side of the screen. There will be a blue button that says “Alert Me”. Click on the button, and when the item is coming up for auction DealDash will send you an email. Once you’ve done this you can be confident that you won’t miss the auction that you really want to bid on from DealDash.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope that this article on winning winter items on DealDash was helpful for you. DealDash has everything that you need for winter with one-stop shopping, from clothing to snowblowers and blankets. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

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Battle Cold & Flu Season with Help from DealDash

It’s almost the end of September, and we are quickly entering cold & flu season. Let’s check our bathrooms and make sure that we have everything we need.

Mobi - TempTalk Digital Oral Thermometer - White/BlueBraun Forehead Thermometer FHT1000US


The first item I think that you should have in your sickroom supplies is a thermometer. Otherwise how will you know how sick (or not) you really are? I personally won a really awesome talking thermometer from DealDash a while back. It’s the best thermometer that I have ever had because it will give you a temperature reading in less than 10 seconds, and you can take your temperature in the dark because it announces the temperature when it’s done. DealDash also has forehead thermometers, which are great for taking a child’s temperature even when they are sleeping.

Seventh Generation Facial Tissues, Unscented, 2 Ply, 85 tissues


Another great item to stock your sick supplies with is tissues. Every sick person needs tissues, when I’m sick I go through a box very quickly. DealDash has tissues up for bid pretty frequently, almost always in bulk. These particular tissues have gone for as little as ONE penny!

SoftHeat Ultra Moist/Dry Heating Pad

Heating pads are a great staple to have in your sickroom supplies also. They are great if you have an ear ache, or just have the chills from being sick and need a little extra warmth.

Crane 2.3 Gallon COOL Mist HumidifierCrane Warm Mist Humidifier, BlackUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by Crane

The last item that absolutely every person needs for their sickroom supplies is a humidifier. There are a few different kinds of humidifier, the main two options being either COLD or WARM mist. They both do essentially the same thing – spout out a mist into the air that has great benefits such as relieving the discomforts of nasal congestion, dry itchy skin, chapped lips, and dry throat. Cool mist humidifiers tend to be less expensive to buy and operate. If your humidifier will be going into a small child’s room be sure to buy a cool mist rather than warm, as sometimes the steam can burn you if you get too close. Warm mist humidifiers are a great choice for someone who is chilled easily, as they raise the room temperature slightly when in use.



I hope this article helps you on a journey to make some smart decisions on what to have on hand in case of illness. If you’re interested in getting some new items for your bathroom to combat sickness, head on over to DealDash. If you browse the Home & Office  category I’m sure that you’ll find something that you could use. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!