What Makes DealDash Better than the Rest?

  There are a lot of bidding sites out there to choose from. Why do people choose DealDash over all of the others?

To start things off, I think that the reason people initially find DealDash is the commercials. If you haven’t seen a DealDash commercial, then you must TiVo every single moment of your TV viewing, because the DealDash commercials are everywhere. I like them because they are fun, easy to understand, and invite you to come online and read more about DealDash before making  any kind of monetary commitment. And, bonus, they feature real DealDash customers! The commercials are a great way to spread the word about DealDash, and that’s why I think that DealDash has more new users signing up than any other penny auction site. Now, the reasons that they continue bidding on DealDash versus the other sites are very easy to see.

I have always been interested in online auctions, so when I first saw a DealDash commercial a few years ago I was intrigued. I did a lot of research on penny auctions, and they sounded so fun and exciting that I signed up to not only DealDash but a few other sites as well. DealDash has always lived up to their claims. They are transparent and honest in their business practices, there are no bots, and if you see and report any “team bidding” they will shut it down. This is not the case with other bidding sites that I have tried. Penny auctions can be difficult enough to win if you are going up against a power bidder, why make it even harder by bidding on a site that allows team bidding and bots?

Speaking of bots – there’s simply no need for bots on DealDash! DealDash offers every single bidder an even playing field by giving us all a tool to help place our bids for us. The BidBuddy is the best tool around to help you win auctions. Just the BidBuddy with as many bids as you would like to spend on an auction and let the BidBuddy bid on the auction for you. Unlike other sites that offer an automatic bidder, the BidBuddy can be filled with as many bids as you would like all at one time, well before the auction starts. With other sites, if they have an automatic bidder there is a very low limit of bids that you can load, and you have to keep going back to the auction to make sure that you still have bids left in your automatic bidder.

The customer is king on DealDash. If you have a problem or question, no matter how small or silly you can always open up a support ticket and DealDash will get back to you quickly, honestly, and with a good attitude. I have had dealings with other auction sites’ customer service, and I have to say that DealDash’s customer service reps are the nicest and most polite that I have ever encountered. I am also very impressed with their response time – DealDash has literally emailed me back within an hour after opening a service ticket, and never more than 24 hours. That’s what I call great customer service!

I hope that this article makes you realize how unique (in a good way!) that DealDash is versus other penny auction sites. If you’re interested in reading some tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!