New iPhone 5 comes to DealDash

New iPhone 5 comes to DealDash

The release of the new iPhone 5 was the BIG event this week and already the new iPhone 5 comes to DealDash and has sold for only $11.69! DealDash however paid the final sales price for the top bidder IWillNotQuit who only used 170 Free Bids to win the iPhone 5, all which were earned by just being a DealDash shopper! Looks like the DealDash shoppers user name may have stood it’s ground in this auction causing other bidders to back out. Congratulations IWillNotQuit – we hope you enjoy the new iPhone 5 you got on DealDash, great deal!

Keep on the lookout because DealDash will be listing many more auctions for the new iPhone 5 and we’re also looking forward to the unlocked iPhone 5 release date.

Favorite Feature: We love the new panorama picture taking feature built into the new iPhone 5! With one smooth motion you can shoot up to an impressive 240 degrees – how cool is that! Speaking of photos… Did you know you can get a free $500 gift card just for sharing a picture showcasing one of your Deal Dash wins?

Every week on DealDash the person with the best photo of the week showcasing one of their DealDash wins is selected to receive a free $500.00 gift card of their choice! 

$500 gift card from DealDash
Click Image for details on how you can get a free $500 gift card from DealDash!

This Weeks Best Photo Winner of a $500 Gift Card is Amy Hadley!

Free gift card to DealDash
I got this Apple iPod 8GB touch for only $8.15 on DealDash with free shipping! My grandson will love this for Christmas…holiday shopping done!!!

This photo was selected because it is clear, crisp, bright and easy with great natural lighting and clearly shows the Apple iPod touch Amy received along with a beautiful smile. 🙂 Thanks Amy for the great photo you posted to the Deal Dash Facebook page! Enjoy your choice of a $500.00 gift card to your favorite retailer – after DealDash of course. 😉

DealDash gift cards
Win a gift card on DealDash – click image!