Let’s Talk About the Importance of Monitoring Other Bidders

Have you been paying attention to your fellow bidders? Well, you should be. Monitoring other bidders can be a great strategy.


If you are a newer DealDasher you might just be jumping right into auctions without doing your research. Well, that’s not a very good idea. Not only should you be researching the items that you plan on bidding on, you should also be doing research on your fellow bidders. If you’re new to DealDash you might be amazed at some of the awesome deals that people seem to get by chance. The more seasoned bidders might make it look easy to win, but I can almost guarantee you the winners of most of the bigger ticket auctions not only watched many of the auctions to see what the final auction fee was, but also took note of the bidders who were in for the long haul.

If you are interested in a certain type of auction, say laptops, then you should be watching and observing every laptop auction that you can find, even if it isn’t the particular laptop that you plan on bidding on. If you have been watching the laptop auctions and you see that Bidder A, Bidder B, and Bidder C show up to almost all of the laptop auctions and stay until the final auction fee has surpassed the BIN (Buy It Now) price, then you might want to try and find a different laptop auction that Bidder A, Bidder B, and Bidder C are not involved in. Every bidder has a win limit of 9 items per week, so if you are patient you might be able to find a laptop auction when Bidder A, Bidder B, and Bidder C have already used up all of their win slots.

Alternately, if you wait until DealDash has one of their “Free Auction Weekends” when there is no final auction fee you might be able to snag a win even if Bidder A, Bidder B, and Bidder C have been bidding on an item. Most (but not all!) bidders tend to try and stay within the BIN price, and will stop bidding once they know that they would be losing money by continuing to bid. Once Bidder A, Bidder B, and Bidder C have stopped bidding and have decided to either cut their losses or BIN the item, then it’s your time to go ahead and start bidding. Just make sure that you have already placed at least one bid before the $5 No Jumper limit has been reached.

In case you don’t know what the “No Jumper” limit means, here is an explanation straight from DealDash’s FAQ section:

The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00.


I hope this helped some of you newer DealDashers! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!