Taking a Closer Look at BidBuddy

Have you used your BidBuddy today?

If you haven’t, you probably should! In this short article I will explain how you use the BidBuddy, as well as why you want to use the BidBuddy. Trust me, if you’re not using your BidBuddy then you aren’t winning as many auctions as you could be.

The BidBuddy is an automatic bidding tool that is exclusively used on DealDash, and is the only way that you can consistently win auctions. The Bidbuddy might look a little intimidating at first, but in reality it’s extremely easy to use, and you will be winning auctions in no time. And don’t worry, there’s no extra charge to use the BidBuddy, DealDash provides it free of charge to anyone who wants to bid.

Here’s the directions on how to use your BidBuddy:

*Put in the number of bids that you would like your BidBuddy to place for you

*Hit the “Book a BidBuddy button.

That’s it! So easy, right? Well, after you have done that, your BidBuddy will automatically place your bids before the bid clock counts down to 0. The BidBuddy will automatically start bidding for you, you don’t even have to have your computer on. If you have changed your mind about the auction, or if the final auction price is going too high, don’t worry,  you can adjust that number up or down anytime that you like.

Another great thing about the BidBuddy is you aren’t tied to just one auction at a time. If you are interested in a few auctions that are going on at the same time it’s practically impossible to be able to watch them all, let alone bid at the right time! You can save yourself some frustration by booking your BidBuddy for the auctions that you are interested in ahead of time. That way you can watch all of the auctions that you are interested in while the BidBuddy is bidding on the other ones for you. It’s like a little friend that tirelessly bids for you, even after you have gone to bed or gotten distracted. It’s definitely the best way to win auctions – I very rarely see anyone win by using single bids. The BidBuddy gives you an edge over the single bidder. It’s there for you, so go ahead and use it!

I hope this helped some of you newer DealDashers! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!