Thanksgiving Sale: Get Free Bids 5x Faster on DealDash Today!

Let’s Get Excited About Thanksgiving and Getting Free Bids 5x Faster on DealDash Today!

Like many of you this Thanksgiving, I set my bedside alarm for 5:00 a.m. to start the hours-long prep and get the bird in the oven to start cooking low and slow. With sleepy eyes and a foggy brain, I logged in to DealDash to find another amazing deal—this one being in the form of 5X Faster Bids as Time as Highest Bidder! This certainly makes having to wake up this early worth it.

What is Time as Highest Bidder?

You earn up to 10 seconds on your Bidder Bar each time you place a single bid and remain in the lead on an auction. Once your Bidder Bar fills up, you advance a level and earn free bids. It’s another great way DealDash gives back to its customers in the way of more free bids! Click Here to learn more about Time as Highest Bidder.

Where is the Bidder Bar?

The Bidder Bar is located at the bottom of your DealDash page. Take a look at my Bidder Bar and see that I currently have 300 bids in my Bid Bank and am at Level 46. The Bidder Bar shows how much time I have left before I reach the next level (4 hours, 11, minutes, 16 seconds).

How Can I Figure Out How Soon I Will Reach the Next Level?

You can find out approximately how long it will take you to reach the next level by doing a little math. First, convert the time remaining on the bidder bar and convert it to minutes. Then convert the minutes into seconds. Once you have the number of seconds, divide that number by the number of second you could earn for placing just one bid (up to 50 today!.

4 hours, 11 minutes = 251 minutes x 60 seconds per minute = 15,060 seconds

15,060 seconds / 50 potential seconds per bid = 301.2 bids

As you can see, barring any mean and nasty bid stompers who interrupt the flow of the max of 50 seconds earned per bid today, I can potentially be on my way to my next level of free bids in 302 bids!

Who Can Win Free Bids?

Anyone can win free bids! If you’re bidding, you’re winning! Time as Highest Bidder is just one of the several ways you can earn free bids on DealDash.

How Many Free Bids Can You Win?

You can win hundreds of free bids each time you level up on the Bidder Bar. The amount depends upon what level you have reached. For example, when I reach my next level (level 47) I will earn 680 free bids! That’s a nice “chunk of bids” so to speak!

Why is this Promotion SO Amazing?

This truly is a special promotion. A promotion this big only comes around a couple of times a year. If you get excited about earning free bids on DealDash—and come on, who doesn’t, am I right?–then this one will get you super excited.

Here’s wishing you free bids and a Happy Thanksgiving!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.