Thinking Like a Seasoned DealDash Bidder

DealDashIf you want to win more DealDash auctions you should start thinking like a seasoned bidder

Even if you’re a newbie that just joined DealDash today, you should start thinking like a seasoned bidder. There are some mistakes that most newbies make on DealDash that you can avoid by trying out this strategy. Read on for more information about thinking like a seasoned bidder on DealDash.

Figure Out How Dealdash Works

DealDash, while fairly self-explanatory to get started on, has many different features that you will want to learn how to use before you start bidding in earnest. For starters, DealDash runs on a “pay to bid” model. So if you want to participate in a DealDash auction, you will need to buy bids first. These bids come in packs of different amounts. DealDash is currently selling packs of 60, 300, 600, 1200, and 2400.

Don’t Bid on Just Anything

Now that you have a better understanding of how DealDash works and You’ve bought some bids, it’s time to browse. Seasoned bidders don’t bid on just anything that’s on the main auction screen. They take their time, do their research, and look through all of the upcoming auctions in their favorite categories.

Buy Bids on Sale

Another thing that seasoned bidders on DealDash know is not to buy bids when they are above .15! DealDash bids can range anywhere in price from .12 each all the way up to .60 each. However, they are frequently on sale for .13, .14, and .15. Why in the world would you buy a 2400 pack of bids at .18 each when you can get them for .13 a piece? That is literally a savings of $120!!! Wouldn’t you rather wait a few days and get such a great deal? That’s how a seasoned bidder thinks, and so should you!

BidBuddy is the Way to Bid

Seasoned bidders on DealDash know that the best way to bid is by using the BidBuddy. When I first started on DealDash I didn’t understand how the BidBuddy worked and I lost quite a few auctions by clicking too slowly while I was bidding.

The BidBuddy is available on every auction, and it doesn’t cost anything to use.  If you’d like to use the BidBuddy just open up a DealDash auction that you’re interested in winning. On the screen, you will see a space and a button that says “Book a Bid Buddy”. Click on the space that says “add bids here” and put in the number of bids that you are willing to spend on this particular DealDash auction. Then hit enter to get him started.

Seasoned bidders use the BidBuddy because they know that their internet could fail at any moment, the power could go out, the computer could start updating itself without warning, or any other number of reasons.


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