Tips From a Winning Bidder on her Two Year DealDash-iversary

It’s no secret that I love DealDash. I signed up five years ago and it took me three years before I actually bought a bid pack and gave it a try. Now it’s my two year “DealDash-iversary” and with that, I’d love to share what I’ve learned from being an active DealDash bidder and hope others will gain some nugget of bidding wisdom from my experiences.

Your First Wins

What I’ve learned about winning is sort of like your first love. You always remember it, but it isn’t always your sweetest. The first time I bid on DealDash, I won three $10 gift cards back-to-back within minutes. I probably spent 10 bids and less than $1 total for $30 worth of gift cards. It was amazing and I was hooked!

Your Greatest Wins

My greatest wins, in all honesty, have been many! The wins I’ve remembered most are a new item I tried dozens and dozens of times to win and finally got and the unexpected big-ticket win I randomly took a chance on and won with just two bids. Wins are great no matter what, but there will be ones you remember with great fondness.

The Great DealDash Learning Curve

When I think back to when I started bidding on DealDash and now, the difference is vast. One of the biggest things I have learned as an active bidder is that there is always something to learn. The tools are endless and available (Winners tab, Previous winners information for individual items, research on best days/times to bid,etc.) to help you navigate the waters and come out with some great wins.

The Best in Customer Service

If it were not for the great Customer Support department at DealDash, I most certainly would have bid goodbye to my Bid Buddy a long time ago. Thankfully, though, I was never afraid to reach out to them to ask questions and voice frustrations and suggestions to the team. They have always represented themselves with a professional, caring, “customer first” demeanor that has kept me sane and bidding! Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to them.

The #1 Must-Have for any DealDash Bidder

In my opinion, if you don’t have patience, you shouldn’t be bidding. It is often a waiting game and if you don’t have patience, you will tend to get very frustrated and overwhelmed. You have to understand the process, tips and techniques of bidding before jumping in feet first. But patience is invaluable when bidding.

Attitude is Everything

Along with patience, a positive attitude goes a LONG way in bidding. There are jumpers—or worse, stompers—and experienced bidders to contend with, among other things. You have to bid with a “win some lose, lose some, but I am going to try like heck to win” attitude, know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. Not taking things personal and persevering with a positive attitude is everything.

The Best Advice I Ever Received on DealDash

The best advice I ever received on DealDash was actually from a Bidder Bio that read, “Thankfully there’s another auction just like this one right around the corner.” That simple sentence made a bell go off in my head that said, “Don’t stress! You can bid on this item again soon!” That helped me relax and I just kept persevering again and again until I won the item I wanted. You rarely win on the first try—but it sure is great when you do!


I sincerely hope you enjoy the successes I have on DealDash over the past year with a little bit of helpful hints and a whole lot of wins! Celebrate your own DealDash-iversary in style and win something great for yourself!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, grandmother to two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.