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DealDash customers love to win auctions, and they love to win big. By making auctions easy-to-win, DealDash has built up a large number of loyal customers who have spent years on the site winning great deals on a huge range of products.

But with so many well established bidders, it can be challenging for new bidders to jump right in and start winning. And while DealDash does its best to give new customers the opportunity to try out the site in a risk-free fashion, it’s important that new or less experienced bidders think about what they want from the site, and what they’re prepared to do to get it.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you set out to win that iPad or big screen TV. By keeping these five pieces of advice in mind, you’ll be able to save big bucks on your bidding AND winning on DealDash:

Stock up on Bids While They’re on Sale

DealDash is one of the only pay-to-bid auction sites that puts their bids on sale on a regular basis. You should keep this in mind when bidding and stock up when there’s a sale. You can always buy more bids if you think you’re reaching the end of an auction and just need a few more to put you over the top, but by buying when prices are low you’ll save big in the long run.

“Buy it now” When It’s Needed

If you find yourself getting in over your head you should consider using the “Buy it now” (BIN) option. In fact, you should check out the BIN price before you start bidding. When you purchase the item using the BIN option all of the bids you use in the auction are credited back to your account. Not only does this cover you if you go all in on an auction and get outbid, but you can also bid MORE to win if you know you can get your bids back.

DealDash’s BIN option is a great way to ensure you can always get a great deal in the auctions!

Set a Limit and Stick to It

Every bidder will be slightly different, and so everyone should decide for themselves what they want, how many bids they’re willing to use, and when to BIN or walk away. Because everyone is different there’s no formula or standard that will fit everyone, but it’s something you should consider before you enter an auction.

Really Focus on Bidding on the Things You Want

This might sound silly to include here, but lots of people “browse bid” or place bids casually on things they sort of, maybe want. You’d be surprised how these bids can add up, and are essentially wasted. You’re better off really thinking about what you want to get from DealDash that day and commit to it. By focusing your time, attention, and bids you’ll have a greater chance of getting that satisfying win bidders love!

Following these tips will help you win and save money while using DealDash, but you should also spend some time reviewing these blog entries and the website to learn more about the auctions. And don’t forget that you can always contact DealDash’s customer support team if you need help figuring out the site!

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  1. One thing I would add is: DO NOT BID IMMEDIATELY AFTER SOMEONE ELSE BIDS. I can’t stress this enough. Read the instructions and learn to use BidBuddy as early as possible. Just a few days ago, I was in an auction for 1000 bids, and there were 6 of us. Five of us knew what we were doing, but the 6th bid immediately after each of us. They must have bid 4000 on a 1000 bid package—and went broke. If you don’t trust BidBuddy, my advice is—GET OVER IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN. You’ll save a fortune and multiply your chances to win.

    1. Thanks Mary! We make resources like this in the hopes that new bidders will take the time to learn how to use the site before bidding, so we completely agree with you!

  2. Amen Sue! So many people don’t use Bid Buddy and waste bids not knowing that there are a dozen people lined up in BB patiently waiting for their bid to come up. Not to mention how annoying it is when you don’t get your seconds on top in to earn free bids. Keep jumping and they still will do better than you do by using bid buddy!

    1. I share the frustration bidders have of someone trying to overrun everyone in the auction. Letting a bidder usually without much experience fast bid jump each bidder is annoying and they waste their money thinking they can get a quick win. I put up with it to a point. Since I am being robbed of my clock time when they keep doing that to me I will battle with them forcing the issue and make them bid jump me. I would rather waste 100 of my own bids trying to make a point to the other person. If that is what it takes to run them out of bids to let another bidder win I feel better. NO BIDDER WILL INTIMIDATE ME. Yes it costs me money to do that and lessens my chances of winning the auction. But you know I feel that my other bidder friends may breathe a little easier because many would not do that. In the few months I have been on DEAL DASH many auctions have come and gone for me. I have been fortunate to win my share of them. I have also spent much treasure in losing bids. I have gotten to know the regulars I bid against. Everybody should get to know BID BUDDY and use the WINNERS list to see who is winning what auctions. It helps to know who just won a bid packet that would easily knock you out of contention of winning for a minute. Strategy is a key winning element here. Good bidding to all…..JEEPDRIVER…

    1. Thanks for your question!

      The Bidbuddy is an automated bidding tool that DealDash provides to users. Basically, you can book bids to your BidBuddy which it will place for you in an auction. Not only does this let you leave your computer while participating in an auction, but it also helps you conserve bids by only placing them just before the item sells to someone else.

      Most auctions at are won with the help of the BidBuddy, so check out some of the videos here to see how to set yours up!

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