Tonfisk Design Elevates Style for the Kitchen

Tonfisk Design is an awesome company from Finland that really knows their way around the kitchen…With style!

Translated from Swedish, Tonfisk actually means “tuna fish”, which might sound a little strange, but when you see their products you will forget their quirky name and enjoy the clean elegant style that the Finnish are known for. You might wonder who makes all of these interesting products – the main designer is Brian Keaney, however the company has taken products into production from several different Finnish designers.


Tonfisk Design has a lot of interesting and different things to explore, one of my favorites is actually an extendable flower vase – perfect for when someone brings you flowers that are just too short or tall for any vases you have. It’s made of two parts, the lower part is made of porcelain and the upper part is made of laminated oak or walnut. The upper part can be raised or lowered to fit your flower’s height and still look great. This flower vase from Tonfisk Designs is called KasVu, in case you would like to do a little more research on it.

Another Tonfisk Designs favorite of mine is the “WARM” collection. WARM is a tea and coffee set that combines ceramic teacups and teapots with bracelets of laminated bent wood. Held on by friction, the wood acts as a handle and also insulates your tea or coffee. Since its launch in 1998 WARM tea and coffee set has become a ‘mini classic’ of Finnish and Scandinavian design.

Tonfisk WARM

If you’re like me you want to be sure that it’s easy to clean all of your kitchen items. You might ask yourself, “Can I use a dishwasher with these products?” The answer is YES! You can wash these products in the dish washer. All of the Tonfisk Design products are tested and certified for safety and have a food safe and durable glaze. You can also clean the wooden parts with a wet cloth. However, afterwards you should dry the parts at room temperature with good air circulation. The wooden parts are waterproof in normal use, however you should definitely avoid leaving the wooden parts in water and getting soaked, though. If this should happen, remove the handles from the water and leave them to dry on a table for a day or so. The handles should return to their original shape.

If you like  the products from Tonfisk Design that I have shown you, there are many more to explore, and DealDash will be offering them soon. The best part about winning these items from DealDash is that instead of ordering them directly from Finland, DealDash ships it to us for free! Saving on shipping alone makes me loyal to DealDash. It’s so fun to be able to try products that aren’t as easily available in America. Good luck everyone, and Happy Bidding!