Tweet to Win Free Bids With Weekly DealDash Twitter Contests!

DealDash loves its users so much that it’s offering another great way to earn free bids!
Just log into your Twitter account, then go to the DealDash Twitter account to find this week’s contest!
Check out this week’s contest here:  DealDash on Twitter
This week’s question is, “Do you use your computer or your phone to bid on DealDash?” Simple enough, right? You can use a one-word answer or give up to 140 characters of details!
Each week DealDash sets the question and the deadline, at which time a winner will be chosen and awarded 200 free bids! Not bad for Tweeting an answer about your favorite penny auction site!
Get on board with DealDash on Twitter, have even more fun and get in it to win 200 free bids each week!
Good luck and happy bidding with DealDash!