Using the DealDash App to Score Big Wins

dealdash appWhat’s the big deal about the DealDash app? Read this article to find out.

Downloading the DealDash app is the best thing that you can do for your DealDash wins. It’s the only app that was specially made to bid on DealDash auctions. It’s the best app for bidding that is currently available.

The best thing about having a smartphone is all of the apps that you can use to make your life easier. If you have a smartphone you need to download the DealDash app. Using the app is not just like navigating yourself to DealDash in the browser. It’s just 1 click and you’re ready for the bidding action.

What Can You Use it For?

Using the app is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Do you frequently run out of bids when you are trying to bid when you are out and about? No problem! You can buy bids within the app. Using the BidBuddy is your key to success in winning auctions. Luckily, the app allows you to easily set or remove BidBuddies.

What Makes It Special?

The DealDash app is special because it’s the only one of it’s kind. It’s proprietary to DealDash and works seamlessly with all of the DealDash functions. You can browse auctions, bookmark auctions, and of course bid on auctions! You’ll always be able to use DealDash with the touch of a finger when you are out and about and feel the need to bid.

It’s FREE to Download!

If you haven’t downloaded the DealDash app yet, it only takes a moment. DealDash has apps for both the android phone or iPhone. Being able to take DealDash with you when you leave the house leads to you winning more auctions. Just click on the links down below to download the app.

Here Are the Links

Here is the Android version on Google Play –

Here is the iOS version in the App store –

Get the App Installed

After the app has been downloaded onto your phone give it a moment to install itself. Next, open the DealDash app and sing in with your DealDash bidder name. If you don’t have a DealDash bidder name, no problem. You can sign up within the app and be bidding in a matter of moments.

If you have been using DealDash on your computer at home all of the information will be transferred over. You can check on the auctions that you have won (or BINned), and click on your tracking numbers to track them. Try out the BidBuddy, create an avatar, the fun just doesn’t stop with the DealDash app.

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