What DealDash Strategy are You Using Today?


Do you have a “tried and true” strategy that you like to use on DealDash? Let’s look at some different strategies down below.

What kind of strategy do you like to employ when you’re using DealDash? There are many different ways to use and enjoy DealDash Do you like to change up your bidding strategies on DealDash so that you can confuse the competition? You don’t have to, of course, you can bid in the exact same way every time if you like, but why not try something new?

Relax and Have Fun

I think that one of the best strategies to use is to calm down, relax, and have fun. It seems like some of the bidders are a little tense and not enjoying their shopping entertainment experience as much as they could. DealDash is supposed to be a fun and entertaining experience, so treat it like one! Put up an avatar picture that makes you happy, write a bidder bio that includes a joke or a favorite quote, and relax while you bid.

Bid Smart – Not Chaotic

Are you one of those bidders on DealDash that like to peck around, bidding a little bit here and a little bit there? Perhaps you should slow down and do some serious consideration before bidding. This will save you bids in the long run, because even if you’re bidding just 10 bids here and 10 bids there, it really tends to add up. You have to think “Do I really want this item? Would I buy it if I saw it in the store? How about if it was on sale, would I buy it then?” If the answer is “no”, then why are you wasting bids on it, even if it’s just a small amount? Save those bids for something that you are super excited about?





If You Really want it…BIN!

Finally, the reason why you should only bid on stuff that you genuinely want is that you will have the opportunity to BIN (Buy It Now) at the end of the auction if you don’t win.

Thus, remember, if you aren’t the winner of the auction that you have been participating in, you are eligible to do a “Buy It Now” or “BIN” on the auction. When you purchase the item for the retail price you get every single one of the bids back that you placed. You will even receive free shipping! When you don’t win an auction, BINning is the next best option, so be sure that you’re bidding on things that you’d really like to own.

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