What Wise Bidders Do on DealDash

Are you a wise bidder?

I came up with this list of things wise DealDash customers might do to save bids and money:

  • Focus on one auction at a time. After looking at all of the auctions choose only one and focus on only one auction at a time. If you bid on too many auctions at the same time, you are more likely to run out of bids and not win anything. If you bid on only one auction at a time, however, you not only improve your chances of winning, but if you do not win, you will get all your bids back by buying only one item, instead of having to buy five or six auction items to get all your bids back.
  • Always use BidBuddy, the automated bidder. To find BidBuddy, all you have to do is click twice on the auction you want to win. A new window will open up. That’s where BidBuddy is located.
  • Always buy your bids when they go on sale.
  • Always bid when the competition is low. You might have to log into DealDash on various days and times of the day to find out when there is less competition. This could change from month-to-month. It could even depend on what time of the month people get paid.
  • Avoid bidding when you are too tired to stay awake. I cannot count the number of times I lost an auction because I fell asleep at my computer and woke up just in time to see somebody else win.
  • Practice patience and wait until the auction is down to the last two or three bidders before you place the bulk of your bids. If more bidders join the auction again, pull out your bids and save them for later. However, be careful not to cancel your bids too quickly because this tactic could backfire. I often lost an auction right after I cancelled my bids because the new bidders that joined the auction were only single, random bidders. Therefore, before cancelling your bids to save them for later, take a few minutes to verify that the new bidders have placed bids into the BidBuddy automated system.