Whatever you Need it’s Here at DealDash!

You may think that you have to go to the mall overtime you need something for your home, or perhaps the other mall or maybe this or that mall….see my point? you can drive all over the planet to find the deals you need, or you can just go to DealDash!

The best thing about shopping at Deal Dash is that you can track your bidding, spending and all the trends by using your “Dashboard” this is the most useful tool you can find at Deal Dash and it provides you with way more than the “stats”.  You can predict the selling price of an item by using the stats.

There is more than that, any item you wish to bid on has its own set of stats.  If you “click” on an item and go into the auction, you will find a list of all the people who have won this item before.  This is very useful information.  If you are going for a particular item you can find out the average price with this information.  You’ll also know who has won it, if it’s a “one win per person” then you’ll know that “mypersonlbest” can’t beat you if they already won it.

There are more and more people bidding at Deal Dash every day, and then there are people who bid incessantly, and than suddenly disappear. Those bidders are the ones we want to leave anyway, they over bid and tend to spend more money on bids than anyone else at the site.  This type of activity lands you in the “bone yard” quickly!


Never let your knowledge cloud what you really know.   If you’re a savey bidder, then you will  know who to stay away from , how much to bid and when to walk away.  phtfh! Did I say “walk away” yes, I did.  Once in a while you need to just get the heck out of an auction.  When?  A few tips I’ll tell you from experience are.  1. If someone has beat you up more than once, walk away.  2. You don’t have enough bids to get through this high ticket item.  3. This item is so popular that EVERYONE is overbidding. Walk away from that because there is ALWAYS the next one.  You may even need to wait months to win it because “so and so” need to win 10 of them. Once they get all they need there will be the next guy, we just want them all to fall asleep at the wheel!

It took me over a year to “walk away” I never wanted to walk away, but as a Newbie, other players knew by my “start date” that I would not leave early.  Now, I am unpredictable, you  can’t tell if I’m in for 10 bids or the long haul, I do it all.  I never let my competition “get to know me” .  It’s my best advice.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!