What’s So Different About DealDash?

What’s so different about DealDash? Is a question that a lot of people have asked me over the years.

Well, I’ll tell you. There is a huge difference between DealDash and a lot of the other bidding sites out there. I have tried so many different sites, some fairly similar to DealDash – as in you pay for a pack of bids, and people use bids to increase the price of the auction by 1 penny per bid. However, I have also tried out some very strange bidding models out there: There are some sites out there that each bid increases the auction by MORE than 1 penny per bid, and other sites that start off the auction at a high price and each bid DEcreases the final auction value. However, there are a lot of things about DealDash that are so great and not available on all of the other bidding sites. Here’s a short list:

  • Customer Service – Here’s where DealDash differs from all of the other bidding sites in my opinion. DealDash customer service is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The other bidding sites have customer service, of course, but DealDash’s is the BEST! Every single interaction that I’ve ever had with a customer service rep has been positive, even if it wasn’t the answer that I was hoping for.
  • BIN (Buy It Now) – BIN is an awesome feature of DealDash, the price to buy the item and get all of your bids back is very clear and transparent from the very beginning of the auction. Other bidding sites have different version of the BIN, but as I can attest to, a lot of the bidding sites other than DealDash don’t offer you the full value of your bids when you buy their auctions after not winning.
  • New and Unique Brands – If you haven’t been to DealDash recently, take a look at the new and interesting brands that they have incorporated into their website. They are some very interesting brands that are high end, and you can end up getting a really great deal on them. Some of them are items that are made in the USA, and others are exotic foreign brands.

There are so many other wonderful things about DealDash that separates them from the rest of the crowd. Please check back on Saturday and I’ll tell you some of the other great differences about our favorite bidding site! Good luck and happy bidding everyone. See you all on DealDash.com!


To be continued this Saturday…