Why Bidders Like Me are Loyal to DealDash

There’s something to said for customer loyalty to a particular brand. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a freebie or a good deal anywhere I go, but there are some things I simply will not compromise on. For me, there are no substitutes for real butter, Downy fabric softener and DealDash. No amount of coupons, cajoling or convincing will get me to waver from these three to try something else. While I’ve been using Downy and real butter for decades, my brand loyalty to DealDash started building just 18 months ago and in that time I’ve come to realize why it earns a place in my “no substitutes must-haves.”

User-friendly Website

While there are certainly other reputable penny auction sites out there—and I have logged on to check them out—most are cluttered, difficult to figure out, and downright confusing. DealDash offers a clear and concise website with visible products and detailed descriptions. They offer a Tips & Tricks tabs to guide you through the process and helpful suggestions that actually work and a customer-written blog (you’re reading one now!) that share real user tips and experiences on DealDash. I appreciate the transparency of DealDash to their customers. They want you to win! With DealDash, you can literally jump right in and bid. I have spent many hours on other sites, browsing and hunting to figure out how to navigate their sites. I won’t waste my time or money on other sites.

Quality Merchandise You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

I love that DealDash hosts merchandise you can’t find at your local stores. From state-of-the art electronics to home furnishings, beautiful jewelry and paintings, DealDash is a treasure trove of items you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It’s a great way to treat yourself or a loved one with a unique and quality-made gift. DealDash also offers gift cards to many popular businesses like WalMart, JCPenney, Kmart and restaurants like Red Robin, Subway and Outback Steakhouse to name just a few. DealDash has it all.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

If there’s one thing that makes a customer loyal to a particular brand, it’s customer service. DealDash has an easily accessible and prompt-to-respond Customer Service Department that clearly listens to its customers, cares what they have to say and takes into consideration their thoughts and ideas—in fact, they encourage it! They are constantly seeking feedback from their customers through social media, online surveys, their customer service department and through consultant surveys. Through this customer interaction, DealDash is committed to evolving and making the site enjoyable to its users. With DealDash, they customer is always right—and always treated with respect.

The DealDash Community

DealDash has a following and an online social media presence that brings in the sharing and celebration of strategies and wins amongst its users. It’s a whole lot of fun for everyone and it’s a way to stay current with DealDash trends and topics.

So there you have it—the reasons why I am very happy with and loyal to DealDash. I hope you’ll jump on board and win along with me!

Happy Bidding!


Blog post written by Theresa, DealDash customer since 2015.