Winning Big on DealDash

 Image result for big winEveryone wants to be a big winner on DealDash. Lucky for you there are plenty of opportunities!

Being a big winner on DealDash is an awesome feeling. It’s not like winning on a scratch ticket or winning at bingo – winning on DealDash not only requires luck but also skill. Knowing when to bid and when to BIN (Buy It Now) is a great skill to hone if you want to be a big success on DealDash.

If you read Wednesday’s blog you are now familiar with the “Winner’s Tab” and how to use it to your advantage. Did you know that there is another great way to see the “Big Wins” on DealDash? It’s simple, you just need to go to DealDash’s Facebook page and “Like” DealDash. You like DealDash anyway, you might as well make it official on Facebook!

Once you have Liked DealDash on Facebook you will be able to see the weekly winners. Even better than seeing the big winners is being a big winner. If you win a great product, big or small, you can turn it into a big win by getting free bids by your posting your winning photos to DealDash’s Facebook account. If you would like to participate in posting your winning photos to Facebook, here is the link to “Like” DealDash on Facebook. You not only get free bids for every photo, but you also get entered in for a chance win 1,000 bids! Now that’s what I call being a big winner! The 1,000 bids are awarded weekly for the best photo. Click the link to learn about how you can claim your free bids here. Free is the best, but cheap is good as well – be sure to check DealDash every morning to find out how much the bids are priced at for the day. Some days they go as low as .12, especially on holidays. Columbus Day is coming soon…

I hope this article has you thinking about your next big win. I want you to  get the most out of your DealDash experience. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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