Step-By-Step Instructions for Bidding With DealDash App for Android

Using the DealDash app for Android is so fun to use I want to make sure that everyone understands how to get the most out of this app.

If you read my previous blog on the DealDash Android app you should know how to find and install the app, but in case you missed it, here are the directions:

The first thing that you need to do is go to Google Play. You can do this on your computer or phone browser if you like by going to this link.  Or you can just go to Google Play and type DealDash into the search box. However, the even easier way to get the app is to go to the Google Play app on your phone and type DealDash into the search box. Verify that it’s the DealDash app, and click the green install button.



Now that you have your app installed, here are some simple picture instructions on how to use the app for the first time.



Just click on the DealDash Android app D to open up your DealDash on the go!







This is the screen that you will see when you click the DealDash Android app. You may choose to sign in with your account, or if you are a new user you can create an account instantly.







When you have signed in this is the screen you will see – your main account menu. If you would like to minimize it just swipe to the left and it will hide itself.





After you have minimized your account menu you will see the “Deal of the day” that DealDash is offering, as well as the current price of bids. You can click on this screen and it will take you to purchase bids.





After that, just simply scroll down to find an item you like, an click on it. After clicking, this screen will open up.

It’s very similar to the desktop version after you open up an auction. You can see the current time, price, and bidders. From here you can either book a BidBuddy or do single bids. That’s it! You now know how to bid on a DealDash Android app auction!

I hope this helped some of you Android-loving  DealDashers! Next week I will provide a more detailed explanation (with pictures) of how to use some of the other features that are included on the DealDash Android app. Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. The DealDash app has saved me a ton of time and money. I hope you enjoy it! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!




Great Christmas Gift Series: Sports Equipment


Welcome to DealDash’s “Great Christmas Gifts.” series –  If you’re a person who struggles every year trying to think of gifts to get your family and friends, this series is for YOU!

If you’re wondering what to get your kids, husband, sibling, or other active person in your life this year for Christmas I would recommend sports equipment. There are so many sports and activities out there that there is something to please just about anyone, except perhaps hardcore couch potatoes like myself. Even though I am not a sports nut myself my kids and fiance certainly are. Which brings me to another great point – when you get someone in your family sports equipment for a Christmas gift it’s like getting the whole family a gift.

What’s better than getting your kids new bikes for Christmas and making them smile? Bike rides together with the whole family. What’s better than making your husband happy with a new basketball goal for the driveway? A family game of basketball after dinner. So you see, getting someone sports equipment is not only fun for them, it almost like an invitation to spend more time together. And really, what’s better than that?

If you’re wondering what sort of sports equipment they have available on DealDash I’ll give you a brief overview, all of the underlined equipment are clickable links to check out the item on DealDash.

  • Indoor basketball hoop – This is a great item for the family to use during the winter time when it’s too cold outside but you feel the need for a little exercise.

Medal Sports 2-Player Basketball Game with 8-in-1 Game



  • Outdoor basketball hoop – Perfect for older kids and adults in the nice weather. Provides a great workout and is really fun, too.


Lifetime 44-Inch Court Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Bikes for the whole family – Bike riding is great exercise, good for saving gas if there’s anywhere close you can ride to instead of drive, and also a lot of fun.


29-Inch Huffy Bantam Men's Mountain Bike

Table Tennis/Ping Pong – Even though I’m not very athletic myself, I love ping pong! It’s good for kids and adults, even senior citizens can get in on the fun as long as they are able to stand for short time periods.

Sportspower Conversion Top Table Tennis


If you’re interested in indoor or outdoor basketball hoops, bikes for the family, or table tennis be sure to visit their links above. DealDash also carries many other types of sports equipment such as basketballs, baseball mitts, outdoor tennis nets, tennis balls, and even sporting goods store gift cards. If you’re interested in bidding on anything sporty, check out the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!