Time for a New Samsung?

If you’re like me, you go through phones pretty quickly. DealDash has phones you can bid on and win for a great deal.

I am a few steps behind on my phone right now – I currently have two that I am using – a Samsung Galaxy S5, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  They are so similar, the Note 4 is just bigger and has the S-Pen which can be extremely helpful for a lot of things, especially for customizing photos. They are both so easy to use and even customize to your own preferences. DealDash also has the Galaxy S6 Edge and even the Galaxy S7 Edge up for bid. If you’d like to check out all of the Samsung phones that DealDash has available, just click on this link here. The Galaxy is a great product, and if you want more Samsung, they also make tablets.

Samsung S5Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C 32GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Octa-Core Phone - White






The Galaxy Tab A is the newest and one of the best selling tablets out on the market today. There is both an 8 inch and a 9.7 inch screen available. My in-law’s have the 8 inch Tab A, and they absolutely love it. They mostly take it along to use to take pictures and videos of the grandkids, but my Mother-in-Law also loves to play games on it, and even chat with her friends! If you’d like to check out the Tab A, just click on this link here. If you find an item on the site that isn’t currently scheduled for an auction and says “Coming soon”, simply click the yellow “Alert Me” button. An e-mail will automatically be sent to you when the auction enters the queue. You will receive three e-mails for each alert: one when the auction is scheduled, one 8 hours before the auctions begins, and one more when the auction starts.

After you have gotten any of the Samsung Galaxy phones or tablets, go download the free DealDash app from the Google Play store. It’s very easy to use, and a lot of fun. After you give it a try be sure to go back and rate it 5 stars! Here is the link to go download the DealDash app for free.


If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone or tablet DealDash and Samsung have you covered. DealDash holds multiple auctions of Samsung products daily, you could be the winner! Go ahead and check out some of Samsung’s newest products; And remember, if you don’t win the auction, you can Buy It Now (BIN), and get all of your bids back. Good luck everyone!

Resources for Winning at DealDash

There are so many resources out here to help you to win.  There are blogs on the DealDash Bidding Site which help you learn how to be a better player, and a better player wins more.  There is no doubt about that. I’ve seen inexperienced players, usually because they don’t know what their doing, lose over and over for the same reason, they are Stompers.  Stompers come into the auction and place rapid fire bids without using a Bid Buddy.

Which leads me to the next resource, the Bid Buddy.  This should be your go to resource to win.  The stomper wins a few in the easy category, but they aren’t going to win against the “Seasoned Pro” and there are a lot of them, it’s another testament to how awesome DealDash is, there are bidders who go back to 2009, 2010 and 2011 who are still bidding.  Many, many players from 2012, 13, 14.  I’m in that crowd.  I didn’t use the Bid Buddy at first, that didn’t last though, I quickly learned it was the best way to win.

Your Dashboard, the Dashboard provided by DealDash is a bunch of information about you and your bidding history all in one place.  You can see what you’ve won, when, how many bids you used, you can see who you played against.  The Dashboard is a fantastic resource and I’ve written blog just on the Dashboard,  follow my blog and use the search bar.


Other players mistakes help you win, you bet’cha.  This is a resource you will need to tap into over time.  There are a lot of players who only play the front of an auction.  Get to know who they are, then out last them!  The other time to get involved is in the middle of the night. Everyone has set their  Bid Buddy, you hope to outlast them, because you are awake!

Don’t underestimate the Winner’s List!  It’s a great resource to see who’s playing, who’s winning and what they are winning it for.  This is vital information to help you win.  Remember, you are winning, that means there is an element of failure.  You must be prepared to lose too, but!,…..if you use all the resources at your finger tips you will have better luck and win more auctions.

Low priced bids, no where else will you find such a great prices on bids, this is where the fun comes in.  It’s Entertainment Shopping, you “pay to play”,but the odds are in your favor at DealDash. Check the blogs and their Facebook Page to see what the current sale is.  You can also see the price of bids right on the top of the auction page.

Use what DealDash has given us to win and then go out and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

The Fastest Way to DealDash

It’s been a while since we talked about the DealDash app. If you haven’t tried the DealDash app, simply go to the Google Play or the App Store on iTunes to give it a try.

Missing out on an auction because you forgot to set your BidBuddy and you aren’t home to bid is rough. It’s especially rough if it’s an auction that doesn’t come up for bidding that often. If you want to alleviate all of those problems you need to download the smartphone app for DealDash. You can get it for Android or Apple, and it’s free, of course!

Once you have the DealDash app on your phone you can check the auctions from anywhere! You can also buy bids, bookmark auctions so you can come back to them later, and set or remove BidBuddies. It’s awesome to be able to DealDash while on the go.

Here are the quick steps to get the DealDash app ready to use. It’s very simple, and you will be winning more auctions in no time!

  • Download the app

Here is the Android version on Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dealdash&hl=en

Here is the iOS version in the App store –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dealdash/id965782383?mt=8

  • Install the app
  • Sign in with your DealDash account, or if you don’t have a DealDash account you can make one
  • Buy bids, bid on auctions, set BidBuddies
  • Rate the DealDash app 5 Stars in the Google Play store or the App store


Now you are ready to be a winner! Just use your quick and easy access to DealDash on the go and win more auctions. If you were wondering how some people seem to be on DealDash all day long, here is an explanation – they have their smartphone on them at all times, and they are winning with the DealDash app. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


1000 Free Bids go to…

The best photo of the week goes to Shane. Congratulations! You just won 1000 free DealDash bids for posting this great photo of the Canon SX60 HS Digital Camera (valued at $550) that you won for only $0.01 during our FREE Auction Wins promotion. Great Deal!


Have you collected your free bids for your posting your winning photos to Facebook? If not, you’re missing out on hundreds of free bids and a chance to win 1000 bids awarded weekly for the best photo.  Learn about how you can claim your free bids here.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Happy National Senior Citizen’s Day from DealDash


Tomorrow, August 21st is National Senior Citizen Day. I’m sure you know a few senior citizens, let’s take a moment to honor our elders.

Take a moment to think – who are some important senior citizens in your life? Maybe your parents or even your grandparents are still with us, perhaps you have an elderly neighbor, friend, teacher, or other person in your life that you would like to celebrate on Senior Citizen Day.

Do you know where the term “senior citizen” started? It was actually started during a 1938 political campaign as a euphemism for “elder person,” and is now known everywhere. Some dictionaries define the term “senior citizen” as a person over the age of 65.

Legally, the term senior citizen applies to the age at which pensions, social security or medical benefits for the elderly become available. Here in the USA, traditionally people have been eligible to retire with full Social Security benefits at age 65. Additionally, one can retire early at age 62 and receive a portion of their retirement benefits.

Now that we have defined the term, let’s think of ways that we can show appreciation to our oldest of friends and family. You could get them a card, of course. Everyone appreciates a card now and then. Flowers are always appreciated as well, especially by the ladies.

Another way that you could show your favorite senior how much you love them is to come over and cook dinner for them. How about bringing over some delicious steaks and grilling them for your parents or grandparents? DealDash always has some grills up for auction. If you want to see the items that are related to grills and grilling on DealDash just click here.

If you would really like to make a senior’s day, how about teaching them how to use DealDash? Most of the senior citizens that I know all own computers, smart phones, and even iPads. Why not show our favorite elders how to have fun and win wonderful deals on DealDash?


I hope that this article has given you some ideas on how to make a senior’s life a little brighter. Make sure that you have a plan in place for honoring your favorite seniors, and then check out DealDash. Remember, these senior citizens paved the way for us, so be kind to them. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!