Thinking about Dream Auctions


Do you ever think about what your dream auction might be? Is there something on DealDash that you can’t get out of your mind?

If you could bid on anything, absolutely anything, what would it be? DealDash has so much variety and there is something for just about anyone on your list at any given time. However, perhaps there is a certain item or category that you wish that DealDash would start putting up on their roster. If there’s something (or a whole category of somethings!) please leave a comment down below and I will pass it along to the wonderful folks at DealDash headquarters.

On the other hand, maybe DealDash does have what you dream of, but you have never gotten a chance to win that particular item. Well, never fear, my friends, DealDash often runs the same items if they proved to be a popular auction when they were previously up for bid. Is there an item that was up for bid before and you missed your chance, either by forgetting to bid, or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to devote to the auction that day? If so, same as above, please leave a comment down below and I will pass it along. Next time, though, remember to set your BidBuddy! Your BidBuddy is your best friend in a “one of a kind” auction situation. He will bid tirelessly for you as long as you keep feeding him bids.

If you have had a dream auction and won, wasn’t that just a wonderful feeling? Now maybe it’s time to pass on that great feeling by getting one of your loved ones a dream auction of their own! Why not check out the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category – there are amazing auctions for kids and kids at heart alike. There is sports equipment, outdoor toys, guitars, projector screens for the backyard, drones, and even go karts! The Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category truly has something for everyone that you love who would love to win a dream auction of their own.


I hope that this article has encouraged you to think about your dream auction. Dream big, check out DealDash at this link right here, and have a great week. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


1000 Free Bids go to…

The best photo of the week goes to Crystal. Congratulations! You just won 1000 free DealDash bids for posting this great photo of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (valued at $270) that you won for only 168 bids and $0.01 during our FREE Auction Wins promotion. Great Deal!


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Looking forward to seeing your photos!

DealDash Welcomes August

 Goodbye July – Hello <b>August</b> | Reneé's Blog

DealDash is very happy to welcome August! Here’s to a wonderful end of the summer.

It’s been a long and wonderful summer, it’s hard to believe that August has already arrived. Have you gotten all of the things done that you wanted to do? Have you taken all of the trips that you wanted to take? DealDash is here to remind you of all of the wonderful things that you might have forgotten to accomplish this summer.

Summer is a great time to take the whole family camping, have you done this yet this summer? DealDash has some great camping supplies up for auction quite frequently such as Coleman LED Camp Lanterns, Camp Chef Butane Single Burner Stoves, and even Wilson & Miller Mini Charcoal Camper grills! If you click on the names of those items it will take you directly to their page. If you click the “Alert Me” button and DealDash will send you an automated email when the item in question is up for bid. If you would like to check out the entire camping section, just click right here!

If the beach is more your style, how about one last hurrah before we lose the rest of our hot summer days? DealDash has lots of great beach items such as sun cabanas, beach totes, and more! Remember, if you get in over your head and bid too many times, you can always BIN (Buy It Now and get all of your bids back.) BINning is a great solution to your problem and is a win-win situation for everyone!

After reading this article I hope you have gotten some thought about how to spend the rest of your summer. How about checking out some auctions DealDash and throwing in a few bids here and there? You never know what you might win with just a few bids. There are all types of items in many different categories that are just waiting for you to go bid on them. Go find some awesome products. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


August | Casa Neroli

Deal Dash has Great Features for Every Player

If you are a new bidder at DealDash, and you’ve tried other sites you will know that DealDash offers the best features for bidders, and especially new bidders.  They have quite a few features in place that will help everyone win auctions.

The best feature DealDash has is the “Bid Buddy”.  The Bid Buddy is a system where you can set up a determined amount of bids and the “system” will bid for you as you watch.  This is the most popular way to bid at DealDash and we are all thankful for it.

The next best feature is the “Free Bid Meter”, the Free Bid Meter logs every second you are high bidder at DealDash and they will reward you for your time.  For every bid you will earn about 9 seconds toward your free bids. You get 9 seconds per bid, times 10 bids is 90 seconds which is a minute and a half toward your next level.  Every level requires a set number of minutes to get the free bids.  I am currently at level 60 and I earned 820 bids for it.  What a nice gift just for showing up and bidding!!


The little “1”. There is a 1 on each auction that can be only won once, if this is the case there are less people in the auction because you can only win it once.  This doesn’t mean that you will win it for a few cents, (although you might) it means that a certain group of players are excluded from this auction because you can only win it once. There are many, many items at DealDash which you can only win once.

The “Alert Me” tab in each auction will tell you in your inbox when an item will come on the market.  All items at DealDash are scheduled for auction, there is a certain number of items and at specific times.  If you wish to be alerted a couple of days in advance, and the day before and than again when it goes live, the “Alert Me” tab is going to be your friend, I use it all the time.  I often schedule an auction.

My latest trick is that I will poke one bid in an auction I wish to win but won’t be around to get involved with.  I schedule the auction and hold my place with one bid and hope the auction is still going when I come back to win it.  The caveat here is, if there are only “stompers” during the first $5, then you may not have a chance to get your one bid in because the Bid Buddy won’t even have a chance to engage, this is an unfortunate event and one that you should just accept, there will be stompers in major auctions.

It’s ok to feel good about DealDash, it’s the best site out there, you’ve tried the others, and if you haven’t, save your money, they don’t compare.  The platform at DealDash is amazing.  I have never been booted out as I have at other sites.  The site has a very smooth working platform which amazes me all the time.  In fact, I use it as my gold standard for all on line shopping that I do.

I’ve never, ever had a problem with customer service, if fact, they are the best among any site I’ve ever visited, and that includes some major shopping sites which I have frequented.  I’ve used sites where it takes customer service days to get back to you, you will never have that problem at DealDash, they are always there for you and they are very, very kink.

These are a few of my favorite features at DealDash, and a tip or two to help you win. I hope this brings you some enlightenment and most of all wins!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!