90% OFF Promotion Is Here For Black Friday

The calendars are approaching the end of November which means that Thanksgiving is almost here! This important holiday was first celebrated by pilgrims in 1621 as a harvest festival. Nowadays, most families across America have their own Thanksgiving traditions which probably involve a large family gathering and heaping plates of food. Yes, it is no secret that Thanksgiving has been an important part of American history for centuries. Perhaps you didn’t know that the day after thanksgiving—Black Friday—has a long and important tradition, too!

A large balloon panda floats over the crowd at a holiday parade in New York City.
Parades are an important way to celebrate Thanksgiving and kick off Holiday sales!

That’s right, Black Friday dates back to the late 1800’s when large department stores like Macey’s and Sears would organize Thanksgiving Day parades. These stores wanted to gather large crowds of people together to promote their sales and get them shopping! While we don’t have any plans for a DealDash parade this year, we have put together a sales which includes 90% off Black Friday auction wins!

Our First Ever 90% Off Black Friday Sale

On Friday, November 27th, we will be launching our 90% OFF Black Friday promotion. The final sales price for auctions beginning on Black Friday is slashed by 90%! This is something we’ve never done before and it’s quite the discount – plus available for one day only.

A promotional graphic advertises savings of up 90% off for DealDash's Black Friday sale.
DealDash has outdone itself again with the 90% off Black Friday sale.

Let’s take a look at an example to illustrate just how momentous this promotions is. If you win an auction for a new home theatre system for $500, this promotion reduces the final sales price of that auction to just $50! And to make this promotion as sweet as possible, bids will be on sale for just 11 cents each this Black Friday! With offers like this, who needs a parade?

Black Friday On DealDash Is Full Of Surprises

On its own, the 90% off Black Friday discount is pretty exciting. But we are taking things even further this year by simultaneously offering other promotions to make things even bigger and better. To start with, we are making sure that there are plenty of exciting Christmas gifts to go around. We are having a 20 iPad auction blast this Friday 4pm PT. That means 20 iPad auctions are starting at the same time! The iPad is a fixture at the top of most Christmas lists, and it is one of the most popular gifts each year.

A man uses a digital tablet to browse the internet.
Shopping for electronics? Check out DealDash this Black Friday to participate in our iPad auction blast!

There will be something special about the auctions, too! From November 25th to November 27th there is a 3X multiplier that is applied to the Time As Highest Bidder meter. Just participate in the auctions as you normally would, and you will collect rewards 3X as fast!

Gift Card Craziness?

200 gift card auctions start the day after Black Friday on DealDash.com.
200 gift card auctions start the day after Black Friday on DealDash.com.

Strike the best deals on gift cards this weekend. We are hosting another Gift Card Craziness promotion as we auction a total of 200 gift cards this Saturday after Black Friday! Are you one of the bidders who absolutely love the gift cards? Be sure to check out the 50 gift card blast at 3pm on 11/28.

Ending 2020 The Right Way

Check out DealDash’s Black Friday Sale this Friday. Cheap bids, 90% off discounts, and dozens of iPad auctions provide some fun and excitement in an otherwise difficult year. The best part of all? When Black Friday ends, the excitement and promotions continue all throughout the holiday shopping season.

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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