Always BIN to WIN on DealDash

Always BIN WIN DealDash

Winning an auction is great, but BINning a DealDash auction is nice as well.

If you’re a fan of DealDash I’m sure you’re familiar with the term BIN,  BIN of course means “Buy It Now.” BIN is the safety net that DealDash has very kindly installed for you. Today I would like to illustrate what a wonderful present that DealDash has given us by making the BIN option available for everyone.

How to Decipher the BIN Conundrum

Figuring out how much you will pay for the item if you end up BINning it is easy. Here’s a tip – the BIN price is always clearly labeled at the top of the auction description, on the left-hand side when you open up the auction’s page. After you have paid for your BIN auction you will receive all of your bids back that you have placed in the auction. If you are willing to BIN an auction you will never lose any money, because you will get all of your bids back!

Personal Example from Last Week

Did you participate in the “100 auctions start at one time” DealDash promotion last week? Well, I did, and I won a few small things – a phone case and a Wii U game. I had thrown in a few bids on quite a few smaller auctions hoping to win. However, the thing that I really wanted was the LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Cat Box. Oh, how I wanted it! I did a little DealDash math to figure out how many bids that I should put in to reach the BIN price – because I sure wasn’t going to stay up all night to watch the auction.

LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Cat Box – $111

$111 / .14 = 792 Bids

I only had 707 bids left after using a bunch on the smaller items, so I went ALL IN…And I lost. However, since DealDash offers the BIN protection, I very happily paid the $111 (free shipping on all DealDash WINs and BINs), got all of my bids back, will be receiving a LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Cat Box in the mail in a few days, and got to keep the “clock time” that I accumulated while bidding.

Since I was planning on buying a LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Cat Box from Petco in the next couple of months anyway, it made sense for me to bid it up to the BIN price. I knew that I was willing to pay the full retail price for the  LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Cat Box, and I had the possibility of winning it for an even better price. However, I didn’t win, and that’s okay! I didn’t lose any money, either.

In case you’re a newbie and haven’t made any BIN purchases, and don’t quite believe that DealDash will actually return your bids – it’s true! See my confirmation down below, showing the bids returned and free shipping.

DealDash BIN Confirmation

I hope that you have found this article helpful in learning some useful information about DealDash. Also, now that DealDash is requesting that the products you WIN/BIN are reviewed, I will even get 10 bids back when I review it! Now use your newly acquired information and go check out the auctions! See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.