Another Look at the DealDash YouTube Page

YouTube is one of the biggest internet sensations that can be used and enjoyed by just about anyone, from young to old. DealDash has a great YouTube channel.

I’m sure that you have heard of YouTube before, but did you know that YouTube has actually been around for over 11 years? That’s right – YouTube was founded on Valentine’s Day in 2005.

If you like watching YouTube videos, I suggest you check out DealDash’s YouTube channel. When you arrive at their page a video on the very basics of how DealDash works begins to play. Here is that video:

Did you know that DealDash has just over 25 videos posted, and over 3,242 subscribers? That’s awesome, I personally only have about a third of those subscribers, and I consider YouTube a hobby of mine! YouTube videos take a lot of time and patience to make, edit, and upload, so let’s show our appreciation for the Social Media Team at DealDash for uploading videos for us to watch.


Have you seen the DealDash commercials on TV? If you haven’t, the are available to watch on DealDash’s YouTube page.

If you haven’t seen the TV commercials, check them out below:

There are also some YouTube reviews of DealDash, as well as some product reviews, and other fun videos for you to watch. I personally do a lot of DealDash unboxings on YouTube, if you are interested in watching those, come on over and watch my DealDash user experience video!If you would like to check out the video that I made for DealDash, please see below:

Since you have been checking out DealDash’s YouTube page, how about subscribing to the DealDash YouTube channel, and then watching a few videos and giving them a “Thumb’s Up” to show that you “Like” them? Then maybe DealDash will put up even more videos for us to watch. It would be wonderful if we DealDashers could help grow DealDash’s YouTube page to 3,500 subscribers! Let’s see if we can do it!



I hope this article made you want to check out DealDash’s YouTube page, or even re-visit it if you have seen it before. If you watch all of their videos you are bound to pick up some bidding tips and tricks that will be useful on DealDash. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks please check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!