(Bid)Buddies Are Important – YouTube Challenge

Get 200 free bids on DealDash by introducing a friend to us in this week's YouTube challenge.
Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!

Think about the most important moments of your life. Who was standing by your side when you went through your first breakup? How about when you blew out birthday candles year after year? Who helped you get ready on your wedding day? Most likely, you went through these moments and more with your friends. We don’t choose our parents, but we can choose our friends, which is why it is so special when you make a lifelong friend. Some countries like Argentina even have a national Friendship Day which millions of people celebrate with their best buddies. In tough times like 2020, friends are more important than ever, which is why Jess, the star of the DealDash YouTube Channel, wants to meet your friends in this week’s challenge.

Any Kind of Friend Will Do To Get 200 Free Bids in YouTube Challenge

Jess challenged you to introduce a friend to her in this week’s YouTube Video.

This week’s YouTube challenge is to send Jess a video where you introduce someone special to you. Get 200 free bids for participating!

This can be your best friend since elementary school, your pet parakeet, or your beloved childhood stuffed animal. Any friend you want to introduce to us will do just fine! In the short time since the video went live, we have seen some truly creative submissions, with one DealDash Bidder introducing us to their friend Ralph, a flowering house cactus! You can introduce us to anyone or anything! Just record a short video introducing your friend to us and send it to the DealDash support team for 200 free bids! Be sure to purchase a bidpack that week to be eligible. But please, try to be a little bit more creative than introducing us to the BidBuddy!

Whether it's a robot or a real person, introduce your pal in this week's YouTube challenge.
It is important to be friends with different types of people…and things.

Stay Tuned For More Fun And Freebies!

This week’s YouTube challenge is just a small part of our online community. Jess adds a new video to our YouTube channel every two weeks, and each video poses a challenge to the DealDash community. The videos are a great way for you to learn a bit more about the DealDash Team, and also a bit more about your fellow bidders because the videos you send us each week are showcased in a weekly recap of the challenge. For example, next week, you will see a compilation of all of the submissions from the “introduce a friend challenge”. If YouTube is not your cup of tea, perhaps you prefer Facebook. Our Official Facebook Page has over one million followers, and it is a great source of information to find out about new promotions or when a new DealDash Blog is posted. And like most parts of our online community, there is a reward for our customers! You can participate in our weekly Facebook Photo Challenge for a chance to earn up to 200 free bids each week. If you are not already taking part in this promotion, you should read more about it on our Facebook page or just reach out to our Support Team for more information.

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What Do You Want To See Next?

No matter how smart, capable, and good looking we here at DealDash HQ think we are, we know that our customers are even smarter than we are. We are not trying to flatter you, it’s true! Some of our best ideas come directly from feedback from our customers. Take this week’s YouTube video; the idea for the topic was a customer’s idea. Other ideas, like our Mystery Auction promotion also came direct from a customer. And some of the most popular items we have ever auctioned off also came courtesy of a clever customer recommendation. Our point? We are always here to listen to your ideas and suggestions, so let us know! Have a great week, happy bidding, and we hope to see your submission introducing a friend in our inbox!

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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