The Best 4th of July Deals on DealDash

Looking for the best 4th of July deals this year? Look no further as we’ve listed the DealDash Independence Day deals below. The deals start already on Friday the 3rd of July and continue until Monday when the Independence Day Clearance ends.

Cheap Bids

Cheap bids on DealDash
Buy bid packs at only 11¢ per bid

What would the 4th of July deals be without cheaper bids? We know you all love the chance of buying bids at a discounted price. On Saturday, bid packs on DealDash cost only 11¢ per bid!

Make the most out of this special occasion and fill up with bids to use in auctions later on.

Brand New Car Auction

Strike the most exciting 4th of July deals by bidding on a car
A brand new car auction starts on DealDash on Saturday

We are auctioning a brand new truck on Saturday! Can you guess which car is the next DealDash brand new car auction?

Check out the auction and book a BidBuddy now.

The Perfect 4th of July BBQ Party

In addition to the car auction we have other special highlight items go live this weekend. 4th of July wouldn’t be perfect without all the essentials you need for a BBQ party. Whether it’s a propane gas grill, a smoker, automatic espresso machine or some outdoor games, we’ve got you covered!

Independence day Special Bid Packs

500 DealDash bid pack
Special 4th of July 500 bid pack

Special 4th of July bid packs are auctioned from Friday the 3rd to Monday the 6th. There’s 6 different bid packs to bid on and get more bidding power.

Winning these bid packs will make you progress in the DealDash Independence Day Challenge .

Independence Day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? We are running a special challenge from Friday until Monday with three different rewards. The rewards are: cheaper bids, 5 hours of time to your Time as Highest Bidder bar and a personal +1X Time as Highest Bidder multiplier. Read more about the different challenges from the Badges page.

Happy Independence Day from the DealDash team!

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