More Free Bids From Milestone Levels

The Time as Highest Bidder levels are one of the things bidders love about DealDash – it’s all about getting free bids! However, it’s been many years since we last took a look at how Time as Highest Bidder rewards are distributed. We at DealDash continuously listen to feedback from our customers. One of the topics we get feedback for the most is bidders wanting more free bids. Read about some changes made to the system below. These changes came into effect on Thursday 6/4/2020.

How Can I Get Free DealDash Bids?

Getting free bids on DealDash is as easy as clicking the “Claim now” button once you have gained enough time to your Time as Highest Bidder bar. There are frequent Time as Highest Bidder multiplier promotions and you can even gain personal multipliers for completing challenges on DealDash.

Milestone Levels

We are introducing Milestone levels to the Time as Highest bidder system. You reach a new Milestone level every 10th level until level 100 and thereafter every 50th level until level 500. Once you have reached level 500, a new milestone is met every 100 levels. These Milestone levels will yield an extra large reward! The size of the Milestone reward depends on the level, with higher levels granting more free bids.

  • From level 1 to 100: Milestone level every 10 levels
  • From level 100 to 500: Milestone level every 50 levels
  • After level 500: Milestone level every 100 levels

Reaching new heights

Free bids given out by Milestone levels increase based on your level
Reach new heights and get more free bids even during higher levels.

Not quite to outer space, but almost! We tweaked the level progression and you can now gain higher levels than before with increasing rewards. The DealDash bidders who have a higher level will now continue to see increasing Time as Highest Bidder rewards even as they go further and reach new levels.

Changes to current levels

Due to the way Time as Highest Bidder levels are set up, the new system will result in some DealDash bidders experiencing a change in their current level. This doesn’t affect the vast majority of customers, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 live support and they are sure to help you!

The new system will go live the next time you reach a new level. Gaining levels will continue normally afterwards and you’ll be on your way towards the next Milestone level!

We are excited to have the new Time as Highest Bidder rewards live and hope you will enjoy the new system and Milestone levels!

More Free Bids

If you’re looking for even more free bids, remember to read about getting 200 extra bids from our previous blog post.

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