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You can enjoy the thrill of online auctions for free!

Have you ever come across something that seems too good to be true? OxiClean, the cleaning product from 90’s infomercials, guaranteed it could clean up grease, grime, sweat or just about anything else imaginable, and sure enough it did! Oprah once promised her studio audience a day they would never forget, and she delivered by giving everyone a free car. How about free online auction bids?

Surely that can’t be possible, right? Wrong! DealDash has an offer for you that sounds too good to be true; you can earn hundreds of free bids each week by watching DealDash’s YouTube Channel and participating in the weekly challenges.

Exciting Updates From The DealDash Community

DealDash’s Community Team puts out a new video on YouTube every two weeks. Jess, Laura, and other friendly DealDash faces explore a new topic in each video. James spent a week trying to master the bottle cap challenge, and once Jess shared tips on how you can keep calm and find your zen while you are bidding.

The YouTube Vlog also covers more serious topics like donations to charity to help fight COVID-19. It also breaks new information about promotions and new features, so tune in! To stay on top of what’s new, be sure to subscribe to the DealDash YouTube Channel so you can be the first to know when a new video is released.

Get Free Online Auction Bids Each Week

Now on to the part that seems too good to be true! We are giving away hundreds of free bids each week through our YouTube and Unboxing challenges! With the help of these amazing challenges, DealDash’s pay-to-participate auctions can become virtually free auctions. And while we are not giving away cars for free like Oprah, we are auctioning them off all the time! One bidder even won a brand new SUV for less than $1,000 (including cost of bids)!

Every video ends with James or Jess asking a simple question to the DealDash community. One week James asked for your favorite quote. Another week Jess asked, “What’s your star sign and how is it helping you cope with quarantine?” All DealDash bidders can record their answer and email it to DealDash’s amazing Customer Service Team. DealDash will add 200 free bids into your account once your submission is received. As long as you have an active DealDash account and purchased a bid pack that week, you can participate. Getting free bids for watching entertaining videos? That almost sounds too good to be true!

Think Outside The Box For More Free Bids

200 free online auction bids are rewarded for participating in the weekly  YouTube challenge.
200 free bids are yours for the taking each week!

Readers with an eye for detail may think that this actually is too good to be true. After all, the beginning of this post promises opportunities to earn hundreds of free bids every week, but the YouTube videos come out every two weeks. So what gives? No need to worry because DealDash has you covered each week. In the weeks between new YouTube videos DealDash offers a new challenge for their community of bidders called Unboxing Week. To participate, record a short video of you opening a package that arrived to you from DealDash.

We want to see your auction wins, and if you send us an unboxing video, you will receive an instant 200 bids credited into you account. Just like the YouTube Challenges, you simply need to have an open DealDash account and also have bought bids that week and you will be ready to go. Unboxing week is like Christmas, but a little bit better; we give you free bids for opening your presents.

Send DealDash a video of you unboxing your wins and you can earn 200 more free online auction bids!
Unboxing your DealDash wins just became better with free bids.

And who knows, with a little luck and free bids courtesy of DealDash YouTube, you may actually win a car auction! It looks like Oprah doesn’t have anything on us, after all! We love giving away free bids, so we hope to see you participating in our YouTube and Unboxing Challenges each week.

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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